Types Of Gene Testing

The many types of gene testing can help anyone understand genetic tests more. You see, these days, these types of gene testing are getting more and more attention. This way, certain illnesses and diseases are identified and hence the importance of understanding the types of gene testing.

These days, newborn screening is very much recommended in hospitals. This is because these types of gene testing will show whether a newborn has genetic disorders that are known to be treatable at early stages. Two of the genetic disorders that are detected by these types of gene testing are phenylketonuria and congenital hypothyroidism which is a mental retardation illness and a thyroid gland illness respectively.

Diagnostic types of gene testing pertain to testing the genetic condition of people. These types of gene testing are basically done to confirm or verify whether or not the diagnostic of a particular condition is indeed true. Unlike the newborn screening, this can be done at any age. Whatever results that will show here can be used to help a person plan his health and make sure that it is always perfect as well.

Carrier types of gene testing sees to it that people do not have gene mutation problems. You see, there are certain copies of genes that when present in pairs can produce a genetic disorders that no one will want to have. Not everyone is offered this gene testing type, though. This is because of the fact that if your family does not have a history of this you will not be likely to get the disorder as well.

Prenatal types of gene testing, as the name implies, is done to check if a fetus has genes that will cause problems. It will be able to identify whether a fetus will be likely to have the risk of getting different kinds of genetic disorders. The main use of this is that getting the result of this test will help a couple decide whether or not they would want to have a child.

Preimplantation types of gene testing are the ones that are not like the others. These are not testing methods, really. These are techniques used to lessen the risk of having children that have genetic problems. This being said, there are many people who are looking forward to having this done as they would not want to have children suffering from different kinds of genetic disorders.

Forensic testing is genetic testing done for legal use. The kinds of testing methods mentioned above are all for diagnostics and the like. This one, however, is different because it is done to identify crimes and track down crime suspects. They are done to establish and come up with how people are connected with each other. Paternity is one example of forensic testing. Here, the DNA is tested in order to back track events and circumstance