Types Of Fractures

What are the different types of fractures? Bone fractures are defined as damages in the bone. These are normally characterized by the loos of continuity in the bones that can be caused by cracks or breakage. There are many different bones in the body. There are also many different types of fractures. Here are some of the most common types of fractures that affect us human beings.

There are two main types of fractures, ordinary fractures and pathologic fractures. Ordinary fractures are types of fractures where people experience physical injury that causes the bones to crack or break. The pathologic fractures, on the other hand, are types of fractures that are caused by medical conditions such as bone cyst, osteoporosis, bone marrow cancer, and the like. There are also types of fractures that are orthopedic classified. These are fractures that occur depending on the type of the injury in the bone.

An open fracture is among the types of fractures wherein the bone that is injured is exposed. This is very dangerous as being exposed will allow the bone or the part of the body to be prone to getting infected. These types of fracture are also known as compound fracture. Closed fracture, on the other hand, are also called simple fractures. These are types of fractures wherein the bones are injured, probably broken or cracked, but the skin still remains to be intact.

A complete fracture is a fracture wherein the bone that is injured is divided completely into two parts. These two parts are separate. This is what characterizes these types of fractures. Incomplete fractures, on the other hand, are those types of fractures where the bones that are injured are kept together by some extent. Normally, this happens when the breakage of the bone doesn’t cross the width of the injured bone. Meanwhile, a multi-fragmentary fracture happens when the pieces of the bones that got injured are completely split into many pieces.

Compression fractures are kinds of fractures that are closed as well. However, the main difference of this type is that the bones that are injured are forced towards each other. A common example of this type of fracture is when the bones of the spine fall out because of severe osteoporosis. Avulsion fractures are types of fracture where a single piece of bone gets broken all of a sudden. Then a forceful contraction of a muscle occurs. These types can also be caused by other injuries. Impacted fractures are similar to the compression fracture. However, they occur within the same bone.

Stress fracture are, well, fracture that is caused by stress in the bones. This is the type that is most commonly experienced by athletes. Linear fractures happen when the fracture is parallel to the long axis of the bone. Transverse fracture, on the other hand, is those fractures where the injury is found at a right angle from the axis of the bone. Oblique fractures are those that happen when the injury is diagonal to the long axis of the bone. And spiral fracture happens when at least one of the injured bones get twisted.