Types Of Forest Management

Forests form one of the most important parts of our habitat and that is why; it is very important to manage them properly. There are several types of forest management which are helpful in keeping them safe in time of any natural calamity and also on regular basis. One of the types of forest management is to keep them safe from fires. Yes, it is one of the major and the worst problems which are related with the forests especially during a dry season. There are so many measures have to be taken by the forest department in order to get their forests keep safe from such problems. The reason behind these fires is related with the temperature and the climatic conditions. The hot and rigid temperature, accompanied with the dry air results in such a fatal situation. They make the bark of the trees and grasslands much drier. It becomes much easier for such a dry vegetation to catch the fire and even a lighted cigarette butt is more than enough for the combustion. The forests generally cover the land in thousands of a

cres and such an inferno can cause the damage of a property of million dollars. Not only can this but it also results in loss of life.

It is not so easy to keep the forests safe and really a tough job to manage the forests. The forest department has to take plenty of measures applying them they can save their forests from so many unnatural disasters.

Removal of the fuel source is one of the most important measures which are taken by the forestry department. This is one of the best types of forest management which helps in preventing the forests from fires and also can have a control over it. It is one of the most effective methods in terms of preventing forests from the fires. It is also very important to keep the forest land clear from any kind of flammable or inflammable wastes. This should be done by using the smaller tools like rakes which are very much safe during the clearance of such materials. In the types of forest management it is also included to take care of that area which is not included in the forest land but the area surrounding the forest. It is so because if the worst happens and after taking all the necessary measures even, if the trees catches the fires then it can be spread to the surrounding area. For saving them some necessary equipment are required like tractor grapple.

This was one of the types of forest management which is required to be adopted by each and every forests department. Fire is not the only reason for the destruction of a forest. In fact; it depends on the climatic conditions and the temperature of the particular area and zone. On all these conditions the management of the forests depend completely. Also, what kind of a forest a particular one also matters a lot. The security and safety measures are taken which are based on the type of forest.