Types Of Foods And Their Functions

Have you ever wondered about the different types of foods and their functions? Food is that one thing that we cannot live without but yet we are not aware about. Food has got different classifications and these classifications are highly important in deciding the right food for you. Food can be majorly classified into three categories as follows:

* Protective and regulatory foods

* Body building foods

* Energy giving foods

The category names are pretty self explanatory and functions of each category is very much clear from their names themselves. Specific types of foods and their functions are discussed here.


Carbohydrate is one among our body’s preferred source of fuel even though it is not very important for the functioning of our body. Carbohydrates digests easier and faster than other foods and hence it always looks like our body gains more energy after eating carbohydrates. People who do workout prefer to take carbohydrates before doing workout for they require immediate energy. When your body requires more energy, carbohydrates are broken down and are metabolized into sugar to meet your energy requirements. If your body contains more carbohydrate then your energy requirement, your body will convert it into fat and store it.

Examples for foods with high carbohydrate contents are breads, beans, fruit etc.


Fats do the role of maintenance men in our body because the take care of maintenance of our body cells. Fats act like a reserve in case if there are no carbohydrates in your body to be converted into sugar. People who take fewer amounts of carbohydrates will force their body to burn down the fat content.

Examples for food with high fat content are tuna, salmon etc.


Protein is a vital component, made up of amino acids, which are important in the building and repairing of cells. Proteins also contain an enzyme called ATP synthase that helps in production of ATP in the body without which our body will cease to function. People who follow low protein diet are highly vulnerable to illness and allergies etc.

People who are engaged in working out or similar activities always take protein supplements either prior to their training or shortly after the work out because it will take care of the cells that got damaged during the work out.

Examples for food with high protein content are fish, beef, chicken etc.


Vitamins and minerals cannot be considered as a particular food type but these are contained in different types of foods and their functions and are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Troubles like poor digestion, lack of sleep, cramping of muscles and immune deficiencies etc. are caused by the absence of vitamins and minerals. Minerals are highly important in protection of our body and to regulate its various functions.

Proper vitamin supply to our body is not always ensured through a normal diet and that is the reason it is advised to take multivitamin supplements every day. People those who work out daily are highly advised to ensure proper vitamin and mineral supply to their body by additional means in order to compensate for the stress and strain they take.

Hence, every time you think about food, you should also consider types of foods and their functions that will give your body proper nutrition.