Types Of Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illnesses are those that usually affect us when we eat certain types of foods or drink certain types of fluids and there are, unfortunately, several types of foodborne illness in the world of today that have and do affect many lives. The good thing about these is that you can get rid of the many types of foodborne illness if you ensure that the right steps are taken when it comes to cooking them and if you get affected by certain foods, avoiding them would be a good idea, then, too.

One of the worst, but not deadliest, types of foodborne illness is hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is also referred to as jaundice- a disease due to which the skin may appear yellow, the body feels weak and the sufferer gets lethargic. These types of foodborne illness get passed on when contaminated foods and fluids are taken in by a person but the good news is that the body is strong enough to be able to fight it- the body can produce the antibodies required to fight these antigens and some people may not even realize that they are or have had bouts of hepatitis A.

Then, another of the many types of foodborne illness is the mad cow disease- a disease that occurs due to the intake of poorly cooked beef. Poor quality beef usually has parasites and bacteria in them which can affect our internal systems. These parasites usually get into the intestines and when we eat foods or drink fluids that are necessary for the body, the parasites tend to feed on them and as a result a person does not get the nutrients required to be able to stay healthy. Prevention steps include cooking the beef properly. Some people prefer rare or medium-rare steaks and such like and the bacteria and parasites are usually found in these forms of beef.

Another of the many types of foodborne illness is E. coli. Generally the bacteria do not affect adults because their immune systems are strong enough to combat the bacteria and the body is strong enough to defend itself. Parents should worry about their kids and generally older people need to watch what they are eating as well because these types of foodborne illness affect their health and since their immune systems aren’t too strong, it may even cause death or other serious problems too.

These are some of the many types of foodborne illness and preventing them is easy generally speaking. They exist in foods that are not properly cooked but when heated properly, these foods are no longer hosts for such types of foodborne illness. Barbecued foods are usually the best because the bacteria are killed due to the high amounts of heat that the food is exposed to. Also, when it comes to purchasing meat and such like, it would be a good idea to ensure that the food is fully cooked regardless of how much you trust your supplier as a precaution.