Types Of Fonts

What are the types of fonts? Printing and all types of fonts go hand in hand. German citizen Gutenberg invent somewhere in sec. XV first pattern element with fonts, the letters and other characters had to be arranged in a matrix and began printing – simple and effective way. If Gutenberg printing press had only a few types of characters, today things are quite different in terms of writing a document on your .

Character types that we have at our disposal may be of the most varied.

Types and characteristics of all types of fonts:

Blackletter is characterized by specific trims ages. Most are called Block, Gothic, Old English (Font – old English)

Old Style refers to the types of fonts were created in the early centuries 15-16 in Italy, such as Venetians and Garalde. (Font – getting late–Good Heavens 301)

Italic are based on your handwriting in Renaissance Italy, the letters are more condensed. Originally they were a separate category; they are now usually a variant of the forms of Roman type (regular). (Font – minion italic)

Modern occurred in half of the 18th century and they have a high contrast between the lines it up. (Font – Bodoni).

Sans serif – not sheriff and uniform lines. They were introduced by William Caslon in 1816. (Font – News Gothic Roman).



This types of fonts is characterized by the following attributes:

Color (established by the adjective color);

Type or style (established by the adjective do);

Size (defined by the adjective size);

printing size in points (determined by the adjective point- size);

thick (defined by attribute weight).


All of these attributes belong to the label, which allows insertion of custom text blocks.

How do I get types of fonts in our computer?

1. Types of fonts that come bundled with the operating system. Windows has a range of standard fonts which makes them available to all software firewalls also Windows is using these types of fonts standard and internal needs, such as displaying menus or dialog boxes.

2. Fonts that installs them with different programs. If we wake up with new types of fonts overnight we should not worry, they belong to programs that we just installed. Although some programs belong to newly added types of fonts can be used by all programs working with fonts.When we uninstall a program who installed fonts it is possible that once with it to say farewell and the fonts in question.

Fonts are not anything other than files that contain information about how should be displayed certain characters.

There are over 100,000 digital types of fonts. Some fonts designers can provide free access to their creations, but most of the creative designers and font (font called factories) demands money for their products. Obtained files must be copied into the Windows Fonts (Windows Fonts) and will be used by any program that works with fonts.

To be able to use different types of all in a document, you need to appeal to different types of fonts that bear names like: Arial, Century Gothic, Calisto, in Elephant, Times New Roman, etc.