Types Of Fabric

What are the different types of fabric? You don’t have to be a stylist or a fashion designer to know the many different types of fabric. You see, we wear clothes every day, wherever we go. It is important that we are able to tell whether the fabrics of the clothes we are wearing are among the good types of fabric as they will indicate our comfort. There are so many types of fabric and the number is still growing every day. Well, this is really what happens when the demand is high, right?

Basket weave. The basket weave fabrics are the types of fabric that got its name from how it was constructed – it was basket weaved. This is done by getting two or more yarns or thread and treating them with two more by weaving. The yarns are then placed horizontally and the next ones are weaved in a parallel manner. Most common examples of the basket weave fabrics are oxford cloth.

Batik. The batik is one of the types of fabric that are dyed. Actually, it involved a special manner or techniques called resist dyeing. Before the fabric is exposed to the dye, wax is applied to some parts of it. When the fabric is finally exposed, the areas with the wax will be left behind, creating a nice veined effect to the fabric.

Berber Fleece. The Berber fleece types of fabric are those that have yarns knitted into them. The yarns are then brushed together by wire brushes and fluffed up. When this process is done, the result will look like a soft and looped pile with air pockets that are relatively large. Don’t worry as this doesn’t end at being a style. This process will also make the fabric sturdier as it also improved the insulating powers of the fabric itself.

Buckram. Buckrams are types of fabric that are composed of cotton and synthetic material. They are cheap and low textured fabric that is also very heavy and stiff. This is fabric that is used when the weather is warm. This is because these fabrics soften when there is heat.

Canvas. Canvases are types of fabric that are made with linen, cotton, or even synthetic fabric that are weaved together. These are the types of fabric usually used in shoes and other forms of footwear.

Cheesecloth. Cheesecloths are the fabrics that are light, sheer, and plain woven. They are very soft as well and are used to sift due to their texture. Cheesecloths are colored naturally and some of them are dyed. Among the many types, this is the one that only require a low yarn count.

Chiffon. Chiffons are fabrics that are airy, extremely sheer, light and soft at the same time. Chiffon are made out of manufactured fibers and rayon. The main characterizing features of chiffons are the filament yarns that are highly twisted as well as the freshness they bring the wearer. This is why when it comes to gowns and evening dresses these are the types of fabrics that are the common and the best choice.