Types Of Eye Diseases

There are so many types of eye diseases nowadays and because our eyes are crucial organs of the body we need to ensure that we take good care of them at all time- they help us admire the wonders and beauty of the world after all! However, it is due to our neglect towards these types of eye diseases that some of us have the tendency to get these diseases. While some of these types of eye diseases are common and subside after a few days, there are those that do not go and then, there are those that require us to operate upon our eyes so that we can use them properly.

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common types of eye diseases. Have you ever seen people who have a normal skin tone but their eyelids tend to be pink or red in color and they also look swollen? That is due to conjunctivitis which occurs due to certain bacteria present in the air. Conjunctivitis is frequently experienced in the winters or if you itch you eye a lot, it would occur then, too. This subsides after a few days, on its own though, and so there is no need to worry. Often the eye appears to be red too for the same reason but this is one of the most common types of eye diseases you will have come across and it is nothing to panic about.

Another, of the various types of eye diseases is cataract where the person suffering from the disease cannot see clearly. He/she can see though anything that he or she sees appears to be blurred or unclear. You know how a picture can appear to be blurred when you move while the picture is being taken? That is how objects appear to people with such types of eye diseases.

Night blindness is another of the many types of eye diseases and the name is self-explanatory: this occurs when a person cannot see in the dark and it usually due to the lack of vitamin A in the diet due to which purple fluid is not formed in the eye. Such a person cannot tell an object apart from another object because these types of eye diseases do not allow the person to see in the dark. An increase in the vitamin A intake could help deal with this though.

Farsightedness is also one of the many types of eye diseases. Some people believe that far or nearsightedness is a genetic problem and then, there are those who believe that is due to the amount of activity one does with their eyes due to which they suffer from these. Still others believe that old age is a reason due to which people suffer from these types of eye diseases but one cannot really rule out any of these possibilities because of the simple fact that our eyes are very important to us and for us since they allow us to move, walk and talk according to what we see.