Types Of Enhancing Drugs

There are different types of enhancing drugs which are taken for various purposes. There are some drugs meant to boost sexual drive in men and there are others meant to improve human growth hormones. But the most common types of enhancing drugs are performance enhancing drugs for strenuous activities and sports. Performance enhancing drugs are used to increase the ability of athletics in sports and give them an undue advantage over their competitors.

Though the IOC and other sport bodies have banned its use, the rate of competition in sports has made the use of these types of enhancing drugs very common among athletes. Understand that the intake of these drugs have both positive and negative effects. An anabolic steroid will improve the testosterone production in your body thereby making your muscles bigger and helping your quick recover from heavy workouts. They can be administered as topical treatment, injection, or pill. The following are the most popular types of enhancing drugs:

* Androstenedione

* Anabolic steroids

* Creatine

* Diuretics

* Erythropoietin

* Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

* Stimulants


These are drugs that make it possible for athletes to have a speedy recovery from heavy workouts. There are risks associated with the use of these types of enhancing drugs such as masculinization in women, shrinking of testicles, low sperm production, and acne.

Human growth hormones

These types of enhancing drugs help the bones and muscles grow bigger and stronger. They can be administered by injection and are only prescribed by medical experts. The risks associated with this drug include joint pain, muscle weakness, cardiomyopathy (weakness of the heart muscles), and fluid retention.


These are used by athletes who want to increase oxygen movements in their muscles. Of all types of enhancing drugs, erythropoietin is the most dangerous as takers of this drug are at high risk of having heart attacks, strokes, and even death. It is taken by athletes who want to clean up their body system to enable them pass a drug test. Other risks associated with this drug include heart arrhythmias, heatstroke, exhaustion, and dehydration.


This is the most popular of all types of enhancing drugs. They are widely available and enables the muscle to release energy. The most noticeable side effects of this drug include weight gain, nausea, muscle and stomach cramps, and kidney damage in cases of overdose.


They increase blood pressure and heart rate and are mostly administered to improve alertness, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance. Like other types of enhancing drugs, it has its own side effects, which include palpitations, heart attack, convulsions, dehydration, and stroke.

Other common side effects of enhancing drugs include:

* Acne

* Baldness

* Circulatory and Heart problems

* Drug dependence

* Hypertension

* Infertility

* Liver abnormalities

* Tumors

As you can see from the above, performance enhancing drugs have their advantages and disadvantages. A lot of people are of the view that the negative side effects make it a worthless adventure. So, apart from the health risks associated with them, it could end an athlete’s potential to reach the pinnacle of his/her career.