Types Of Embedded Computers

Embedded computers refer to computers which are parts of other devices. For example, computers are also incorporated inside the televisions. Such computers then become parts of the televisions and have functions designed for making the televisions work. Also in the modern cars’ engine management systems, computers are also present in such. Otherwise known as ‘micro controllers,’ their main function as embedded computers is controlling something. The types of embedded computers vary depending on their applications. Aside from televisions and cars, various types of embedded computers are basically included in all digitally interfaced appliances such as watches, dishwashers, microwave cookers, washing machine, cameras, telephones or big stationary installations such as factory controllers and traffic lights.

Since embedded computers are primarily designed to handle a certain task, for optimization engineers can reduce the product’s cost and size as well as increase its performance and reliability.

Embedded computers are actually present in all aspects of everyday living such as in entertainment, education, science and communication. Not only that but also different types of embedded computers are available in the consumer, military, commercial and industrial applications. Embedded computers are utilized in fire safety, transportation, medical applications, safety and security as well as life critical systems since in systems such as these hacking can be prevented, thus they are considered more reliable. In relation to fire safety, embedded systems are especially designed to have the capacity to withstand higher temperatures and still maintain its operation. Also in handling security, the embedded computers have the capacity to be self-sufficient, thus are able to handle cut communication systems.

Telecommunications Systems– In telecommunications many types of embedded computers are used from the network’s telephone switches to mobile phones.

Transportation Systems – In transportation, various types of embedded computers are present in aircrafts to automobiles. Advanced avionics like the ‘inertial guidance systems’ including the GPS receivers are installed in the new airplanes. Some electric motors such as DC motors, induction motors and brushless DC motors use motor controllers that are electronic or electric. Embedded systems are utilized in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and automobiles for reducing pollution and maximizing efficiency. Automobiles have safety systems which use the embedded systems such as the ‘four-wheel drive (automatic), TCS (traction control), ESP/ESC (Electronic Stability Control), and ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Medical Applications– In medical equipment, various types of embedded systems are used as well. Examples of which are for monitoring vital signs, different medical imaging such as (MRI, CT, SPECT and PET), and electronic stethoscopes used to amplify sounds. Oftentimes industrial computers are used to power the embedded systems incorporated into the medical equipment.

Consumer Applications– Embedded systems are found in consumer electronics such as printers, GPS receivers, DVD players, digital cameras, videogame consoles, mobile phones, mp3 players, and PDA (Personal Digital Assistants). Various household appliances include embedded systems for the purpose of providing efficiency and flexibility such as in dishwashers, microwave, and washing machines. Networked thermostats are utilized by High