Types Of Eating Disorders

What are the different types of eating disorders? People, especially women, tend to focus and take very seriously looking sexy. These days, there are many people that would say being slim is being sexy. This isn’t always true as being sexy really comes from within. Anyway, this then leads to many people experiencing eating disorders. There are actually many different types of eating disorders – the most common ones being anorexia and bulimia.

Anorexia, or anorexia nervosa, is among the types of eating disorders that are characterized by a person’s repudiation to eat. This is among the types of eating disorders that can affect pretty much any one, any gender, and any age. However, this is most commonly seen being experienced by women in their twenties. There are four main factors that contribute to anorexia. First, the person who has anorexia will intentionally maintain a weight that is lower than the idea one for his or her age and height. Second, this person has fear, an intense fear, to gain weight as well as becoming fat – while being underweight. The third factor in determining anorexia would be having disruption in the manners in which the body looks like. And lastly, there will be an absence of consecutive cycles of menstruation.

The second of the many types of eating disorders is bulimia. Bulimia, or bulimia nervosa, is characterized by a cycle of binge and purge. Binge is defined as eating more food than one would eat at a certain circumstance. It is also characterized by the loss of control when eating. The main distinguishing factor of bulimia is purging. Purging is defined as ways to take out the food that was consumed – in many different ways. These types of eating disorders can lead a person to purge by vomiting, the use of enemas and laxatives, fasting, or even excessive exercising. The purging part of the bulimic person is often kept a secret mainly because of experiencing shame with the process.

Third, we have the BED or the binge eating disorder. These are the types of eating disorders where the person binges regularly over span of time. Also, during these periods, the person is eating more and faster than a normal person would. These binging activities include eating rapidly, feeling depressed or guilty, and being embarrassed with the amount of food one ate. Surprisingly, people who are binge eating are normally overweight – contrary to having an eating disorder.

Anorexia athletica is among the types of eating disorders that are a mix of the bulimia nervosa and the anorexia nervosa. This is mainly characterized by the obsession to exercise. This is why these types of eating disorder are also called compulsive exercising or sports anorexia. Most of the time, this is found in elite athletes. However, these are also found everywhere, mostly in women.

Night eating is a type of eating disorder wherein a person tends to eat very little in the morning and eat too much during night time. This leads to imbalance diet and can cause different types of eating disorders in the long run.