Types Of Ear Piercings

Ear piercing is a very common practice among very may very many people in the modern society. It is a very simple procedure though selecting the right equipment for the job is very necessary. There are very many types of ear piercings depending on the part of the ear the ornament is to be placed. Below is an image showing some of the most common regions commonly pierced. This diagram, summarizes some of the most common ear piercings.

Some of the most common types of ear piercings include:
Ear lobe piercing
One beautiful thing about piercing the ear lobe is that it has very few nerve endings and therefore this procedure is nearly painless. This is the oldest ear piercing which is still being practiced up to this very moment.
In most cases, anybody who wishes to pierce any part of his or her ear will start with the ear lobe. The diagram above shows where the ear lobe is located.
Industrial ear piercing
In this technique, two holes are made on the upper ear with the first just near the head while the second on the outermost rim of the ear.

The helix
There are very many ways through which these types of ear piercings can be done. One of the most common style involves piercing the cartilage which touches the head and it normally takes the shape of a small ball bearing at the outermost side of the ear. While putting jewelry on these sites, a small bar is normally used. The two ball bearings which are used, should be hidden by the fold found in the ear cartilage.
Helix ear piercing is not very much different from the snug types of ear piercing. The same jewel is used for the snug only that this type of ear piercings is done close to the forward helix.
The rook ear piercing
This is also a very common types of ear piercings. This procedure should done by someone who is qualified in this as it may lead to other forms of complications such as the stretching of the skin which might make it look very boring.
Not everybody can successfully have this type of ear piercing as not everyone has a protruding rook from which piercing can be done.
The targus ear piercing
It is done on the cartilage region just next to the opening of the ear. It comes with some minimal pain and this may also last for some time as it heals. This may bar the victim from using equipment such as ear plugs as they’ll not be in a position to fit properly.
The couch
These types of ear piercings techniques is also gaining popularity among very many people. It is done in the inner part of the ear which gives one an opportunity to use a wide variety of jewels.
As much it’s all about making the ear look unique, it is essential to remember that over doing this may also be very dangerous as it might expose the ear to other forms of infections.