Types Of Drama Genres

A lot of people love watching dramas so many types of drama genres have been born as time went by. You see, these are basically films that will make you ride the rollercoaster of emotions. It will make you feel sad because they are made to be very realistic to the point that many people can relate to the characters that are in the film. But going back to the types of drama genres, they are mostly combinations of different other genres so as to be able to produce more interesting drama films.

Biography types of drama genres pertain to the films that tell the life story of a person. This means that these types of drama genres are true to life stories. They can be historical too if the life being shown is of important people in our history. This being said, these are known to be one of the most heartwarming drama genres as you know that everything indeed happened.

Courtroom types of drama genres are the films that show the drama that happens in a courtroom. The main focus of these movies will be on the justice system. The common characters of movies that belong to these types of drama genres include the judge, lawyers, jury, and the criminals.

Dramedy types of drama genres are the ones that combine both drama and comedy. These are the most balanced of the drama genres as you will see parts that you will find to be funny but the overall movie will still address issues that are quite serious.

Melodrama belongs to the heaviest types of drama genres. This is because these are the films that will give you intense feelings and emotions that will really make you cry. Most of the plots that melodramas have are those that will show crisis and hardships in life. These are the movies that you will carry in your heart because it will make you feel really bad.

Political types of drama genres pertain to the films wherein the plot revolves around politics. You see, there are many different kinds of drama that happens in politics. This being said, you will get to see how tough politicians are and how they will be able to handle the dramatic situations that are thrown to them by the directors and writers of the film.

Romance types of drama genres are the films that have drama and romance combined. You see, most of these drama films will show you the down side of love. This means that this includes tragedies too and stories of love that is forbidden by the people around the characters. Just a spoiler – most romantic drama films will end badly. This is why not a lot of people like watching these as they end up feeling sad.

Tragedies are well, tragedies. They are basically drama films that will show you the worst catastrophes and human hardships. The characters will be going through a lot in these kinds of movies and there is even a huge possibility that they will die in the end.