Types Of Doctors

What are the different types of doctors? Doctors are among the most important people in the neighborhood. They are the ones who help us get well when we get sick. They extensively study the different parts of the body so that they can make sure that we are healthy at all times. They save lives. They rescue people in medical trouble. This is why there are different types of doctors. Each of these types is of their own specialty, to make sure that they are focused on the area of their specialization.

The general physicians are types of doctors that can give treatment for basic and non-emergency health issues. The internal medicine doctors are those that are focused on adult medicine as well as the prevention and cure of adult diseases. The emergency doctors, as the name implies, are doctors that take care of people in the emergency room. They are the ones that are available any day of the week, any time of the day. The pain management doctors are doctors that are focused on helping patients who experience pain, while the infection disease doctors are the doctors that specializes in prevention and cure of diseases related to virus, fungi, and bacteria. The anesthesiologist is a doctor that administers anesthesia, while the surgeons are the doctors that perform surgeries.

There are types of doctors that specialize only in issues relating to the heart. The cardiologist is the one who treats heart and blood vessel problems. The pediatric cardiologist, on the other hand, is the doctor who specializes in curing heart related diseases in infants. The non-invasive cardiologist is the doctor that performs tests to diagnose heart problems.

There are types of doctors that specifically handle cancers. The oncologist is the one who diagnoses cancer and treats it. The pediatric oncologist is the doctor that deals with infants who suffer from the disease, while the surgical oncologist is the doctor that performs cancer removal surgical treatment.

The allergists are types of doctors that focus on the different allergies a person can have. The immunologists are the ones who specialize on the immune system. The hematologist is the doctor that focuses on the blood, while the hematologist oncologist is the doctor that treats and diagnoses cancer in the blood cells. The medical geneticists are the types of doctors who tests, studies, and treats people who suffer from genetic disorders.

The neurologists are the types of doctors that specialize on the brain, while the neurosurgeons are the ones who conduct treatments in diseases of the nervous system. The orthopedist is the doctor you go to when you break a bone, while an orthopedic surgeon is the person you turn to when bone surgery is needed. The rheumatologists are the ones that treat rheumatism. The diagnostic radiologists are the doctors who specialize in x-rays, mammograms, and other radiology related exams. The ophthalmologists are the types of doctors who specializes in the eye, while the audiologists are the ones who specializes in the ear.