Types Of Dinosaurs

What are the different types of dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are the kings of the world before. There are many different types of dinosaurs. They are giant creatures that can walk, fly and swim. There are also some that only eat plants and there are some that eat meat. Too bad we weren’t able to see them in action. However, it’s a good thing as they are indeed pretty scary too.

The armored dinosaurs are the types of dinosaurs that have armor plating, heavy clubs, and spikes that are sharp. They eat only herbs. There are actually among the last standing of the types of dinosaurs. After the armored dinosaurs came the pelycosaurus, therapsids, and the archosaurs. These are types of dinosaurs that are four legged and lived on land. There are terrestrial reptiles that are characterized by having many advanced features.

The horned and frilled types of dinosaurs came next. These are types of dinosaurs that have horned faces such as the triceratops. They are herbivores too, contrary to their scary apprearance. They can, however, be aggressive when they are provoked. Therefore, if dinosaurs still walk on land, they are types of dinosaurs that should be avoided.

There are also duck billed types of dinosaurs. These are the most common dinosaurs that walked on land. These are called hadrosaurs. They are large and low slung. They are herbivores as well. They have duck bills, yes, but these duck bills are tough and are used to dig vegetation. There are also fish lizards. These are types of dinosaurs that rule the Jurassic oceans of those times. They are predators that are sleek. They ate pretty much everything that can be found under the sea. Among the many types of dinosaurs, the ornithomimids are the ones that mimic birds. They are like the ostriches of nowadays.

Ornithopods are kinds of dinosaurs that are small and herbivores. They are among the most common kinds of dinosaurs. They live in large colonies, too. They are gentle and usually are the prey of many larger dinosaurs. The pachycephalosaurs are the bone headed dinosaurs. They are medium sized dinosaurs that have two legs. They are known for the distinguishing factor – the thick skulls. Then we have plesiosaurs. These are called the sea serpents. These are dinosaurs that rule the bodies of water. They are both herbivores and carnivores as well.

Then we have the pterosaurs. These are called the flying reptiles. They are also called winged lizards as they looked like lizards that, well, have wings. A common example of these is the pterodactyl. Then there are raptors. These are bird like dinosaurs that are very aggressive. They are carnivorous and they usually east whatever is on their way. The biggest dinosaurs that ever lived, however, are the sauropods. They are known to weight somewhere around 100 tons and are as 100 feet long. Stegosauruses are plated and spiked dinosaurs. They are among the largest kinds of herbivores during that time. They are four legged plant eaters that are much like the triceratops – scary but gentle creatures.