Types Of Desert Animals

Not many people know the importance of knowing the types of desert animals. You see, you will never know when you will end up in a desert with nothing. Well, there is a very small chance that this will happen but it can, mind you. Hence it is very important that you get to know what lies ahead of you and this is why you should get to know the types of desert animals.

Remember that not all types of desert animals are scary. There are many different types of desert animals that can be quite tame too. One of them will be the desert bighorn sheep. Yes, there are sheep that can live and survive in the desert. Actually, these kinds of sheep can be seen in the Mojave, Sonoran and the Chihuahuan deserts. They are known to be indicators that the land is healthy. Although big and scary looking, these sheep are quite sensitive when it comes to human induced problems. They eat cacti and use their hooves as well as horns to do so.

Probably the most common and scary types of desert animals are the scorpions. They can be seen in all kinds and places where deserts are. You see, the scorpions are very deadly because of their stinger. You may refer to this stinger as their tail but the truth is that this section that carries and stings are part of the abdomen of the scorpion. The scorpions in the deserts are the most dangerous and scary because they can grow really big. For instance, the South African long tailed scorpions can grow more than 8 inches. They are also known to be the biggest and longest scorpions.

Do you know that ostriches are types of desert animals too? They are. In the Sahara and the Kalahari deserts, you will get to see different ostrich species. They are very fast and are actually known to be able to run as much as 40 miles per hour. They have a pretty good endurance levels too as they can run this fast for, at the least, 30 minutes. This being said, you wouldn’t want to get chased by an ostrich.

The collared lizards are types of desert animals as well. They look like iguanas but you should be scared of them as they are predatory. They can run fast too as they can run on their hind legs. Like many other species of lizards, they have a pretty awesome defense mechanism as well. When they get caught, their entire skin falls off. Most Collared Lizards can be found in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts.

And who can forget about the camels? Mostly seen in the Sahara and the Gobi desert, they can have either one or two humps. Specifically, the camels in the Sahara desert have one and the ones in the Gobi desert have two. They are known to be able to drink and stock up roughly 30 gallons of water in as little as 10 minutes too. Indeed, camels are the perfect types of desert animals.