Types Of Depression

What are the different types of depression? Depression is defined as a mood that has a negative effect on people. It brings us in a low mood where we often do not want to interact as it makes us feel anxious or sad as well. Depression makes us loose interest to the things around us. It makes us restless and worthless, too. There are many different types of depression. Each of these types affect a different group of people, age, and gender. The main types of depression are major depressive disorder, dysthymia or chronic depression, atypical depression, and manic depression.

Major depression disorders are types of depression that are characterized by the inability to sleep, study, eat, concentrate, work, and basically enjoy the things that a person usually enjoys. These are types of depression that are known to last a long time. It prevents people to function normally. These types of depression are usually substance effects such as alcohol, medications, and even drug abuse. They can also be caused by hypothyroidism. Also, this is the type that usually occurs when we lose a person we love.

Dysthymia, or chronic depression, are types of depression that are categorized by having a long term bad and depressed mood. The symptoms of this type can be compared to those of the ones on major depression. The chronic depression, however, are much less severe. Unlike the major depression disorders, the chronic depression will not hinder a person’s ability to function.

Atypical depressions are types of depression that have symptoms that include oversleeping or overeating. They can also have symptoms such as extreme rejection sensitivity and fatigue. Mainly, the person experiencing the atypical depression tends to react negatively when exposed to many different events. It is characterized by being restless, sadness, and loss of energy as well.

Manic depressions, or bipolar depression, are types of depression that are very complex. They bring a person’s moods to the extremes. A person can be extremely happy then be extremely mad in split seconds. These are characterized by having panic attacks and depressive episodes of at least once in a while. There are some that also experience hypomania, or mild elated episodes.

Aside from these four, there are also other types of depression. One of these types is seasonal depression. This is also called season affective disorder. These are types of depression that occur in certain seasons of the year. The causes of this are not clear yet. However, there are quite a number of people that are diagnosed with such.

Psychotic depression is also considered one of the types. The symptoms that show in people who have this include delusional thoughts and other signs of psychosis. The problem with this is that the person experiencing it experiences a break in realty. Sometimes, there are also hallucinations and delusions.

Lastly, there is postpartum depression. This is like the baby blues that new moms get when they give birth. Postpartum depression is basically the depression that most moms experience upon giving birth. Most of the time, this happens upon one month of their delivery.