Types Of Dentures

What are the different types of dentures? Many people suffer from losing their teeth every day. There can be many different causes of this including poor dental hygiene, diet, and even heredity. When this happens, the person suffers from many different effects. Some of these effects include lowered self-esteem, jawbone loss, impaired speech, and even infections in the gums. The good thing is that the technology has now given a solution to this problem – dentures. There are four main types of dentures that are made available to us. These types of dentures are the standards, temporary, removable partial, and the implants.

The standard types of dentures are the ones that are chosen by people who have lost all the teeth in his mouth. The process of making this begins with fitting. The fitting process is the process of getting the impressions of a person’s mouth. Both the upper gums and lower gum impressions will be taken so that the denture that will be made will be form flitting. After the fitting, the dentist will schedule an appointment to see if the types of dentures will fit you well. Then, adjustments will be made. When the proper fit is achieved, then you can now take home your dentures.

If you are not missing all of you teeth, you can opt to get the removable partial types of dentures. These are dentures that are made by placing holes so that the natural teeth can still be there. Actually, in these types of dentures, the natural teeth will provide support to the dentures. It will secure the dentures in place. However, these are the types of dentures that are only best to be used in the upper jaw.

The temporary dentures, on the other hands, are the types of dentures that are made before natural teeth are extracted. These are also called the immediate types of dentures. The decaying teeth will be taken out here. Then, the partial dentures will be placed on the gums that are still recovering. Sometimes, wires are affixed to connect them. These are also sometimes called the flippers.

Lastly, we have the implants. These types of dentures are also known as implant retained dentures. Among all the different types, these are the ones that are most durable. They are also the most permanent types. However, among all the other types, they are the most expensive. As the name implies, this is the types wherein the dentures will be implanted in the gums. There are many different styles and processes of implanting the dentures. Generally, the process involves placing a screw into the gums. The gums will be drilled and surgery will be performed to place these drill holes. After the surgery, the underlying bone will need to heal first. When this is done, normally after a few months, a porcelain tooth will be screwed to it. This is very natural. This is why more and more people are into getting these types. Also, these are the best choice for people who need dentures in the lower jaw.