Types Of Dental Diseases

Dental is the word referred to teeth, gums and other parts of mouth. Various types of dental diseases are those affected to the teeth, gums and other organs of mouth. Dental issues vary in a wide range from toothache, cavity and ulcers to oral cancer. Most of us neglect these dental diseases, though they seem to be negligible but they are actually very critical. Dental diseases sway not only the teeth but furthermore the gums and tongue. Their severity may range from a simple ulcer or a common tooth cavity, to oral cancer. Dental infections can origin much more serious troubles than a toothache; they can sway our proficiency to masticate, grin, or talk properly. These types of dental diseases can be prevented by proper care of mouth. The regular activities to prevent these diseases are flossing, brushing, and visiting dentist regularly.

The types of dental diseases are never considered as fun and the best part of them is that they can be cured easily. Brush two times a day, regular flossing, proper way of eating, and regular check-ups are very important to cure dental problems. The three most widespread types of dental diseases are Dental Caries, Periodontitis and Gingivitis.

Types of Dental Diseases

Bad Breath:

Bad breath in terms of medical technology is known as halitosis. The bad breath from your mouth is a sign of damaged gums or improper brushing. The bacteria on gums, oral cancer, cavities in mouth cause bad breath. It is suggested to consult dentist for chronic bad breath than using mouth wash.

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is one of most prevailing dental disease among various types of dental diseases. It is also termed as tooth decay is due to a sticky substance formed on teeth. This sticky substance is called plague that combines with food and attacks the enamel of tooth. Consuming wholesome nourishment and bypassing snacks and beverages that are high in sugar are also ways to avert tooth decay. The best way to avert these cavities is by brushing twice a day, flossing every day and going to your regular dental ascertain ups.

Gum Disease:

Gum diseases are also called the periodontal disease. It is very severe linked to heart strokes. Gums are the substances surrounding tooth and so gum disease is an infection to the gums. The major gum diseases are periodontitis and gingivitis. All the regular activities such as brushing, flossing and dental check-ups play an important role in curing periodontal diseases.

Oral Cancer:

Another major disease among the types of dental diseases is oral cancer. It is a very deadly dental disease that affected several people and currently there are about 3 lakh cases recorded for oral cancer. It can be cured only if detected during its early stages of infection.

Mouth Sores:

There are several mouth sores which are very pesky and bothersome. Except a mouth painful lasts more than two weeks, it is generally not anything to worry about and will go away on its own.

Tooth Erosion:

Tooth erosion is the decrease of tooth structure and is mainly initiated by unpleasant striking the enamel. Tooth erosion is more widespread than persons might think, but it can furthermore be effortlessly prevented. Tooth erosion signals and symptoms can variety from sensitivity to more severe difficulties such as cracking.

There are other types of dental diseases as well that very severe and need to be addresses as soon as they are detected.