Types Of Deficiency Diseases

Food and certain things that food consists of are important for us to help us nourish ourselves and to prevent the numerous types of deficiency diseases that exist today. There are even diseases that people may have due to consumption of too much food consisting of certain types of nutrients as opposed to the many types of deficiency diseases. We do not realize how important certain micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are for us and we never know how much of these we are consuming due to which some of us get different types of deficiency diseases.

Beri beri is one of the types of deficiency diseases that may occur in people with low amounts of vitamins in their body. They lose a lot of weight and extremely fast. Brain damage, lethargy, bodily pains and an irregular heart rate are signs of beri beri. This occurs in people with low levels of thiamine and eventually a person with beri beri may even die if the problem is not addressed. Another disease that could occur is types of deficiency diseases that are related to the eye could occur due to the lack of vitamin A and this could cause night blindness due to the inability of the body to make chemicals in the body that would allow us to see in the dark.

Anemia is another of the various types of deficiency diseases that could occur due to the lack of iron in the blood. Lack of iron in the blood means that the red blood cells are not able to transport enough oxygen, throughout the body, and as a result a person becomes anemic. Such people are almost always lethargic. They are unable to be involved in activities that require them to spend much energy. It is difficult for them to concentrate and they often have pale skin.

Another of the various types of deficiency disease that can occur due to the lack of iodine are thyroid problems. The thyroid needs iodine in small amounts, albeit, to be able to produce hormones that are required for digestion of certain types of foods. Without the hormones it is extremely easy to gain weight but too much iodine is never good either.

Low amounts of calcium could be quite problematic especially for women especially. Lack of calcium and vitamin D can cause bone problems such as osteoporosis. Another problem with lack of vitamin D is that bruises and cuts do not heal quickly. Calcium is required for the body to be able to heal itself in case of injuries or cuts and wounds.

These are some of the many types of deficiency diseases that could occur due to lack of certain food or micronutrients in the body. These problems can be corrected by taking multivitamins and pills made with iron, vitamins and calcium in them but it would be better to combine these with the intake of food that have certain amounts of the nutrients in them rather than relying solely on medicines for this purpose.