Types Of Crackers

What are the different types of crackers? Crackers are some of the exciting foods that are very nutritious and come in wide range of flavours. They are very exciting and almost everyone will always crave to have a taste and it’s always pretty hard to avoid eating once one has tasted.

Although there are very many types of crackers in the market, they are always identified with their flat, small size, no defined shape as they come in a variety of shapes (can either be square or round) and crispy as well.

Different types of crackers can be classified depending on its flavour be it, cheese, salty, flaky, buttery etc. The taste may at times determine the type of food crackers can be eaten with. This may include butter, meat etc. They are very nutritious besides being very convenient way of consuming various types of staple food.

Low-card cracker is one of the most common types of crackers. They are the commonly known for their low carbohydrate diets. They have small quantities of both sugar and carbohydrates and they come in different types of flavours.

Since they aren’t rich in carbohydrates, they are mostly rich in both fibre and proteins to ensure that one is full for relatively a longer time. One major disadvantage with this type of crackers is the kind of sugar they contain which is not easily metabolized.

Other types of cracker are the saltine crackers or sometimes called the soda crackers. They are made of refined flour, backing soda and salt. They are also very nutritious as they contain vitamin B with thiamine, 3% riboflavin, 4% niacin, 5% folate. Moreover it has iron, vitamin K, vitamin E and carbohydrates making it to an all-round type of food.

Other types of crackers include the Keebler club crackers which are very are very light and flacky besides having a hard texture.

The Ritz types of crackers aren’t salty but they are buttery and very flaky. They have mild taste, are soft however, they aren’t durable.

The docking holes crackers are also very common and come in variety of shapes such as round, triangular, square etc. While baking these types of crackers, holes are made on the dough to prevent formation of air during this process.

The graham crackers, the town house crackers, water crackers, captain crackers among other types of crackers are also available in different flavours although the preparation process still remains the same.

The graham and digestive crackers are well known for their health benefits and are normally eaten as cookies.

The oyster types of crackers are popularly known to be served with soups besides being eaten along with meals.

The list is endless and cannot be exhaustively covered in this piece of article. These are just the most common types of crackers. Mostly, the name crackers remains applicable when discussing flat biscuits having salty flavour savor etc. The only distinguishing factor is their preparation from cookies.