Types Of Computer Worms

Worms are the kinds of programs that can cause severe destruction to the function of your computer systems. They have been a source of devastating effects caused by the hackers since long time ago. You need to protect your computer with the help of different anti-virus programs. Types of computer worms vary differently depending on the condition by which your computer is being attacked. In this article, we are going to discuss various kinds of computer worms that can make your system suffer. Computer worms are the independent programs that don’t require any kinds of commands. They specially can travel along the whole network.

You could also call check different kinds of programs on the internet before finding out the virus by which computer is attacked. Worm is dependent on the boot file and transfer from one system to other with the help of network connections. One of the best examples of computer worm is famous internet worm of 1988 that infected Sun-3 and VAX systems to much extent. This was among one of the deadliest types of computer worms ever in the history of internet.

Emails are used as a source of connecting with each other. Now day’s social media websites have reduced the roles of mails but they are still used for professional purposes. Most of the hackers use the purpose of spreading emails. These types of computer worms are considered very deadly because of their simple nature. You need to go for the things that could help in protection against such kinds of things.

Instant messaging worms are also among the types of computer worms. This kind of worm is spread by using the instant messaging applications on the internet. They are same as compared to the email host but the only difference is between the way of sending links.

Internet worms are the most risky one for the computer systems. These types of computer worms can detect the local internet connections and check the system that is vulnerable for the attack. They will try to attempt and connect with the system that is easy to attack. Another way is that they will go for the computers that are still available for any kind of destruction. Suck kinds of attacks can occur if the firewall of your computer is off or you don’t have antivirus in your system.

IRC worms can also be taken as other types of computer worms. These are spread mainly through the chat channels. You need to understand the basis through which they are spread. If you know the mode of transfer of them, it could be easily handled. These viruses are the simple one but could also become deadly depending on their nature.

Based on types of computer worms, you can select the strategy to protect yourself. Anti-virus is the best option that can save you from such kinds of things. Go and search for the best kind of anti-virus so that your computer could remain protected for long time.