Types Of Computer Wires

Computer wires also known as plug, cords, cables, and connector are the means of connecting computer to any power source or other device. Mainly, there are two types of computer wires known as data cable and power cable. The data cable is the type of wire that renders a communication between the various devices, while the power cable is the wire that provides power to the device. Some of the examples of data cable include CAT5, IDE/EIDE, SATA, and USB cables etc. besides these, the other commonly used computer cables are VGA or video cable, modem connector cable, drive cable, network cable, peripheral device cables, and Ethernet cables etc.

Twisted pair cable is the type of computer wire in which two conductors are twisted together in order to invalidate the EMI from external sources. The optical fiber cable is the computer cable that consists of one or more than one fibers. The constituents of the optical fiber are separately coated with plastic layers and are generally held in a protective tube that is worthy for the environment where the cable will be spread. Patch cable is the type of computer wire which is considered to be an electrical and is typically used to link one electronic device to the other in order to get signal routing. Various kinds of computer devices such as a switch to the router or a switch connected to the computer are all connected with the help of patch wires. In addition, this type of computer wire is considered to be very fast and the patch cables are created in several colors.

An Ethernet cable is the type of computer wire used to connect directly various computing devices together. These types of cables are considered to be quite essential for the wired internet connections. The peripheral device cables are another type of computer wires which includes the devices such as keyboards, mice, digital cameras and external hard drive etc. These devices normally make usage of USB or FireWire cables in order to connect with the computer. Universal serial bus or USB is considered to be a standard interface and is found nearly in every modern computer. Mostly, the computers comprise three or more USB ports which prove to be helpful in permitting various USB devices to connect the computer at the same time.

Hard drive cables are also a common type of computer wires and there are two main types of these cables as IDE cords and serial ATA cords. The IDE cords are quite thick and ribbon like cables and can normally be used to connect almost two IDE hard drives to the motherboard. On the other hand, the serial ATA cords are very small as compared to the IDE cables and multiple motherboards have various serial ATA cords available. FireWire is the type of computer wire that is quite similar to that of USB and the high bandwidth devices such as scanners and printers benefit from FireWire. However, in comparison to USB, the FireWire is not much common.