Types Of Computer Users

What are the different types of computer users? The computer has a very important role in our life. We have to do various things for which we take the help of the computer. So we are the users of the computers. But have you ever noticed the types of computer users. Computer users can be divided into five main categories which could be small office/home users, home users, mobile users, power users or large business users. A small office/home office user includes any organization with lesser number of computer users with at most 50 users who work as an employee or are self employed. A personal home user is the one who spends time on the computer for budgeting and personal financial management, personal and business communications, web access or for entertainment. A mobile user is the one who travels to and from an office or school to do homework, conduct business or communicate. Power users are the types of computer users who typically works with different multimedias such as an architect, or a desktop publisher or may be an engineer who combine several media elements into a single application and needs the costs of a powerful computer or a workstation. A large business user is the one used computer for a company with many numbers of employees.

The different types of computer users are:

1. Cracker – Types of computer users who cracks or retrieves password hashes or the boundary of a non free software.

2. Coder: The user who creates codes or scripts to make a program for fun or for learning or for a large distribution, and sometimes even for mischievous purposes.

3. eWriter: He is a user who writes text files or tutorials for online sharing or viewing.

4. H4x0r: One of the many types of computer users who knows some interesting facts about the use of a computer but does not know a lot may be having less experience. This type of user is known as n00b posing as a hacker.

5. Gamer: A user who is totally dedicated to different computer games who plays them in their spare time for fun or makes them as their profession. They also take the computer gaming very seriously.

6. Script Kiddle: He is the person who steals scripts from various coders and sells them for mischievous or malicious purposes.

7. Hacker: They are considered to be maniacs in the computer world. They are the types of computer users who knows a lot about computer processes and uses his knowledge to manipulate the computer in ways which are not permitted. Hackers may crack passwords or softwares, put viruses or may write codes.

8. n00b: He is a young user who is new and goes online to find the proper user type. Meanwhile he could be a hacker or a gamer.

9. Leecher: A user who looks online for free games softwares or programs and then may sell it or repeat it for his selfish or other purposes.

10. Virus writer: The different types of computer users who writes code for making viruses to infect the PCs and steal or damage various secured or confidential information stored in the computer.

11. Social Networker: A user who mainly uses the computer and the internet to do social networking like Facebooking, tweeting, updating status, writing stories and entertaining people.

After analyzing each facet of the different types of computer users which type of user you think you are? Maybe before going through this you could not specify your type of using the computer but now you can easily tell others that you are a gamer or a hacker or a n00b.