Types Of Computer Threats

What are the different types of computer threats? Now-a-days, computer as well as internet is considered to be a necessity of life and is used widely all around the globe. On the other hand, the countless threats and risks associated to computer have also increased to a large extent. However, there are many ways that can be used to face various types of computer threats. A few years back, one of the main threats of the computers was of viruses and worms, which were considered to be the chief source of damaging the files and PCs. These vicious software were typically named as “cyber vandalism” and several beneficial ways were discovered to get rid of it.

In the present times, the type of computer threat considered to be a great menace is of crime war. This venomous software is actually written by different cyber criminals whose main aim is to earn money illicitly. The crime ultimately takes the form of various worms, viruses, Trojans, and other harmful programs. The computer viruses basically spread through different types of infection and the part mainly infected is of RAM. The boot type of virus starts infecting the floppy disks and then disseminate into the related floppy disk drive, passing into the whole system.

The majority of the viruses can be found without any difficulty by the usage of anti-virus software. But, at the same time there are certain viruses that cannot be scanned completely such as polymorphic viruses. Worms are the types of computer threats that can pass easily from one PC to another and the main way of the worm infection are of chat and email programs. Another computer threat is of spyware and scare way, whose main purpose is to cheat the user’s money by using different methods.

Another type of computer threat is of hacking in which the hackers break into the computers by exploiting the security exposures. Once the hackers get access into any computer or network, they can install various vicious programs and steal all the secret data. In addition, the hackers can also use the endangered computers in order to disseminate spam. Another computer threat is of phishing which is essentially a form of the cyber crime. The phishers use different ways to prank the users in order to get access into the fake website.

Other common types of computer threats are of net-worm, email-worm, IM-worm, Bluetooth-worm, root kit, Trojan proxy, rogue, exploit, and worms etc. Apart from all types of computer threats, there are many ways which are very effective in protecting the computers. The wireless networking involves several potential risks and it is very necessary to protect his network. A password plays a crucial role in protecting the computer from various computer threats and the same time the people using the wireless network should switch off service set identifier. In the same way, encryption is also very helpful in protecting the system form different viruses. The usage of firewall proves to be very helpful in protecting the PC from the hackers and phishers.