Types Of Computer Speakers

Computer speaker is actually an output device giving the user an auditory feedback. There are different types of computer speakers which vary in price as well as size. Besides different type of speakers, there are many common features among all of them such as a LED power indicator, a headphone jack, controls for volume, and remote volume control. One of the most commonly used type of computer speakers is of two-speaker system which provides a sound of high quality and the space occupied is quite less. Another type is of 2.1 speakers that basically requires two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. This setup also doesn’t take much space and provides a complete spectrum of sound.

The computer speakers having a 5.1 setup involves 5 satellites speakers along with a single subwoofer. Currently, this type of computer speakers is considered to be most one of the most suitable sound setups. In addition, the 5.1 speakers provide a multi-channel output and a surround sound system which proves to be very effective for video games and movies etc. the 5.1 speakers are quite helpful in rendering a more immersing audio experience to the viewers. The 7.1 speakers system is one of complex types of computer speakers and contains 7 satellite speakers along with one subwoofer. However, as compared to all other types of speakers, 7.1 are very expensive and the beginning price is almost $300.

The cordless or wireless type of computer speakers has permitted the users to get rid of the mess of wires that are associated with the surround sound speaker setups. Nevertheless, the wireless speakers can sometimes conflict with the WI-FE network present at home. 2.0 speakers is also one of the common types of computer speakers used all around the world and doesn’t take much space. Same like, 3.1 speakers are considered to be very appropriate for common usage and the place occupied by these speakers is very less. One of the main points to be kept in mind while buying computer speakers is that speakers must be of trusted and well known brands. Some of the commonly used and reliable brands of computer speakers are of Bose, JBL, Logitech, and creative labs etc. Different types of computer speakers form the well-known brands offers great services along with a warranty.

The surround sound setups are the ones that make usage of multiple speakers in order to render directional effects of sound and enveloping audio. A 6.1 surround sound setup adds a single erect channel, right away behind the listener whereas the 7.1 speakers substitute it with a pair of erect speakers. However, in order to get maximum results these speakers should be in a symmetrical way around the chair. The USB speakers are the type of computer speakers that are powered from 5 volts and the amplifier powered by the USB draws power through a USB cable. In these type of speakers there is no need of any kind of AC power source or batteries.