Types Of Computer Softwares

If there were no presence of the proper types of computer softwares, we would not be able to use the computer. Softwares refer to program collections or only one program that allows some functions to be performed. They also refer to codes or languages incorporated in the different computer system operations. Various types of computer softwares are sold on the market today. Application software, system software, programming software, accounting software, inventory management software, anti-virus software and word processing software are some of the various types of computer softwares available today. Below is a list of the types of softwares that are quite useful for the daily functions of the computer and are considered vital.

Application Software– This is one of the types of computer softwares which is primarily used for medical, business and educational purposes. Examples of which include computer games, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are popular for surfing, Microsoft Outlook for emails, Media Player for music listening and video watching, and Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are popular and used widely.

System Software-The types of computer softwares include the system software. Widely used and popular, this software provides protective covers for the rest of the softwares and not only that but offers support to some hardware computer parts such as the printer and the keyboard.

Programming Software– Programming software is one of the types of computer softwares which is significantly used by programmers. This software type is primarily used for developing different programming languages to control the computer software. Interpreters, editors and linkers are examples of this software.

Anti-Virus Software– This is one of the types of computer softwares which is considered highly sought after on the Internet since this is basically vital for protecting the computer against the invasion of viruses. This is already preinstalled in most computers today.

Accounting Software– Highly sought after, accounting software is one types of computer softwares that is very useful to small-scale business owners and accountants for keeping their earnings and expenses records. Not only that but also this software are popular with accountants and companies since this is very helpful in preparing payrolls and corporate tax information management.

Inventory Management Software– This is one of the types of computer softwares which is considered helpful in tracking a certain organization’s different materials and goods. This software is also helpul in informing about the different transactions of the stored goods as well as their quality and quantity. Proper coordination of the goods is achieved greatly with the aid of this software which greatly benefits the organization.

Word Processing-This software is used widely in editing documents such as big essays, letters and reports. It has also different features of document formatting and editing. This software makes it possible to edit, copy, delete as well as move the text from a certain document to another. Also, various formats are available for the document to appear attractive and presentable. Example of the most widely used word processing software is the Word Perfect and today it is the Microsoft Word.