Types Of Computer Security Risks

What are the different types of computer security risks? Whether you procedure a computer at work or you are a network administrator or maybe a common user who just loves to browse through the internet, nobody has remained untouched of the computer security threats. We all are residing in a world full of digital things, where computers are just not material of luxury but a need for our life. But are you aware of computer security risks? You may know about a virus or worms but do you know there are many more types of computer security risks.

The Different Types Of Computer Security Risks Are:

1. Adware: These are the types of computer security risks which displays various unwanted ads on your PC. Adware is advertising supported softwares which display pop-ups or banners on your PC. These are distributed free. These are not necessarily threats but however these becomes a security risk if:

a) These install on their own and become difficult to uninstall them.

b) These hijacks the web browser so as to display more and more ads.

c) These start gathering information from your web browser without any interest of you and start sending these to others through the net.

They can make your computer slow, internet connection and may distract you by its pop – ups while you are working something serious.

2. Backdoor Trojans: A backdoor Trojan is the types of computer security risks which permits someone to overcome the switch of another user’s PC without his permission through the internet. It may be shown to you as some legitimate softwares as added Trojan horses are shown so the users could install it. Moreover they may allow it to enter their PC by clicking any link from the spam message of their Inbox in the email account. Once it is learned, it joins itself at the PCs startup routine and then keep an eye over the computer till the user uses the internet. Once the user is online the administrator who sent a backdoor trojan could do many actions like access personal files, install suites on the virus infected computer, modify or upload files, send out mails which may be spam, or even track the user’s keystroke. Some of the famous backdoor trojans are BackOrifice, Subseven and most recent one Grybird.

3. Bluejacking: Bluejacking are the types of computer security risks which sends many anonymous, or unwanted messages to other administrators with Bluetooth having laptops or phones. This type of computer threats is harmless but even can do many unwanted things with your PC. It may distract you by sending anonymous mails or files to other users or to you from the other one. In these file transfers sometimes it may even send any of your files which is not meant to be sent to others and could cause a damage to you.

4. Cookies: Cookies are types of computer security risks in the form of files which enables the website to remember your details. Sometimes when you open a log into any website then it could immediately send files called cookies which could keep records of your personal information. These may not be any harm to any of your computer data but there are harmful to your confidentiality. These can be stored on your PC without your consent and permission and can contain your information in a form which you can’t access easily.

There are many more types of computer security risks which could easily damage your PC, or may share information without your permission. So it is said that you must look over the programs or e-mails which you are opening online so that they could not pose a threat to your data in the computer and sometimes your confidentiality.