Types Of Computer Programs

What are the types of computer programs? There are different types of computer programs designed to perform specific tasks. It all depends on the principle goal a program is to achieve. Through various computer programming languages such as java C++, python etc. various types of computer programs have been made available for a variety of applications.

Through the various types of computer programs, interaction between the computer user and the computer system has been possible and very interactive. For instance an operating system plays important roles such providing a platform from which other programs such as Microsoft office can operate besides providing a communication interface between the computer user and the computer hardware.

Different types of computer programs can be classified depending on the type of task they do in any computer system.


Utility computer programs

These are types of computer programs designed to ensure an optimal operational of various computer infrastructures. They may be designed to solve one single problem or more than one depending on the manufacturer. There are quite a number of utility computer programs. The most common is the anti- virus. These types of computer programs help in scanning and ensures that the computer is safe from any virus be it from the internet or any input device. They come in various types depending on the manufacturer. Others include disk defragmentation, disk compression, back-ups etc.

Other important types of computer programs are the application programs. These application programs are tailored depending on consumers’ needs. A good example of these types of computer programs includes the Microsoft Office. It comes with a number of applications such as the word processor which is a very powerful tool in the creation of various documents, flow charts, tables etc. It has quite a number of tools for ordinary and complex office work. A part from word processor, it also comes with power point which is very useful in slide show presentations, access which is a widely used database program used in various managerial fields and excel which helps both accountants and engineers in manipulation of various mathematical problems.

System programs are also other useful types of computer programs. They enhance the interaction between the computer user and the computer system at the very basic level. Some examples of system programs include the compilers, operating system, assembles etc. In fact, utility programs are also referred to as the computer system programs.

Logically speaking, the system computer programs provide a foundation in which other programs in a computer can operate. An application program cannot be installed in a computer if the computer doesn’t have system programs.

For every type of computer programs, there exist quite a number of versions since some computer systems can only work with a specific type of computer program. For instance, the most common types of computer operating systems are the Linux and the Windows. Each comes with its own merits and demerits and therefore it’s upon the computer user to choose the most suitable OS.

Technology advancement is still on and therefore the existing computer programs are still being developed to provide better services to consumers.