Types Of Computer Processors

What are the types of computer processors? There are very many types of computer processors which are manufactured by different companies. Each and every processor comes with its own unique features depending on the targeted consumers and the particular task a processors is to perform. Choosing a computer system with a good processor translates to efficiency and customer satisfaction. There are very many ways in which processors can be classified. For instance,

High-End processors

There are various types of computer processors which are mostly designed for intensive work. Due to their ability of high performance, they are very expensive. These types of processors include the Intel core I series manufactured by the Intel Corporation. These series include the i3, i5, i7 and i9. Intel Corporation is one of the biggest companies which invest so much in the manufacture of computer processors. Other types of High-End processors are the AMD series manufactured by the Advanced Micro Device.

These processors are suitable for all intensive applications which include intensive use of graphics, video creation and editing, intensive statistical analysis, 3D gaming etc. In fact there are some programs which can only run in High-End processors. These types of computer processors are ideal for both multi-threading and multi-tasking.

Mid-End processors

This is the second group of processors after the High-End processors. They are mostly meant for casual photo or video editing, basic gaming – they are manufacture for an average computer user. They are expensive, but not as their predecessors. Examples of processors in this class include the AMD Turion, Intel Core Duo/ Solo, Intel Core 2 Extreme, Intel Core 2Duo.

Basic/ Economy processors

They are the cheapest types of computer processors. They are mainly used for simple graphics, office applications or common graphics. They have a low processing ability and can only run specific types of programmes. These types of computer processors include the Celeron, Centrino Duo, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon, Intel Atom, Intel Centrino etc. These processors are found in most mini computers.

In most instances, there exist the Pentium types of processors and the Celeron types of processors. The Pentium types of computer processors are used in both laptops and desktops. They are large in size and are normally preferred for high –demand processing. The Celeron types of computer processors cheap, efficient and compact.

The classification above covers some of the most important features of a computer processor. For instance, the cost of the processor, efficiency the amount of work it can handle.

Going for High-End processors will imply using the computer for quite a long time without thinking of up – grading or buying another computer to satisfy the change in needs.

Since the manufacture of the types of computer processors, computer processors have since evolved and thus the process of developing the most powerful processors is still on. For instance, the 64 bit types of computer processors were first manufactured by the AMD in 2003 after beating the 1 gigahertz speed in 2000.

Choosing the best type of computer processors solely relies on the intended functions and the ability to pay for the types of computer processor demanded.