Types Of Computer Printers

Every business, whether small or large, needs a printer connected to their computer(s) if they want to enhance their business activities. We are not referring to large printing works that are normally taken to a professional printing company; this is for office and home use. These days you’ll almost certainly find computers in homes and offices. For those that do not have printers to print their work, there might be times you would so badly need it and you just wished you had one. Printers can print several kinds of documents, whether photographs, spreadsheets, invoices, web pages or printout of emails, reports, copies of letters – the list is inexhaustible.

In the past, carbon papers were used to reproduce copies of documents. Today, computers and printers have replaced the carbon paper in reproducing copies of letters. People normally type their documents or letters and either store them in the computer or produce copies of them with the printer. These printers can be connected directly to the computer through a computer network or through a wireless connection. Some of them equally serve copiers, fax machines, and scanners. Printers come in different sizes and features. But there are 5 basic types of computer printers which are classified based on how the ink or toner gets into the paper. They are explained below;

Laser Printers

Laser printers utilize a laser bean to produce image obtained from small toner particles from the cartridge. These toner particles are then placed on the paper to create the exact texts or image on the monitor screen. Laser printers are among the fastest and more reliable of all types of computer printers around, though their toners can be quite expensive.

Inkjet printers:

These types of computer printers do not need toner cartridges or ribbons to operate. They are considerably cheaper than the laser printers, which explain why they are widely used. However, don’t expect to get the kind of quality printing you would normally get from laser printers when using this type of printers. Most multipurpose printers that can print, photocopy, and equally scan fall in this category.

Dot-matrix: these printers work just like old typewriters. They produce texts and graphics when the ribbon is struck repeatedly by striking pins. This printing process is quite slow and makes a lot of noise,. They are mostly used to print multi-copy forms and invoices, which makes it is not very suitable for home use.

Thermal Printers

These types of computer printers produce printed copies by pushing heated pins against a heated ribbon. It operates like the Dot-matrix but works more quietly and faster, and is considered more economical because its only consumable is the ribbon.


Usually, plotters produce printed copies by moving the ink across the ribbon’s surface. They are basically used for artworks that require large drawing or frames.

Printers are now very affordable. So when you are ready to buy one, make sure to purchase the ideal one for your specific needs. You could even decide to opt for the type that has multi-purpose functions, giving you the ability to scan, print and make copies all in one place.