Types Of Computer Plugs

There are different types of computer plugs that are used in the world to ensure the efficiency of the computers. Computer plugs is hardware or the software module of the computer that has the capacity to add the number of features in the larger system. These are the small computer servers to use in the homes. They are relatively less expensive and consume little power. The proper installation of these plugs will lead to an efficient home computer and ensures the safety of your computer as well. They are used to run the media server, file sharing, and different back up services to facilitate the user. The use and availability of these voltages and plugs started in 1880’s. Today 18 different types are used in the world. There are different types of computer plugs available offering a variety of features. One of the type is the SheevaPlug which is the plug computer basically designed for the purpose of giving the features of computer in as small space as possible. There are different products which are based on the SheevaPlug.

Other types of computer plugs includes AC power plugs and sockets. These are the devices of the computer that electrically operating equipment to be connected with the current power supply in the building. These electrical plugs have different shape, size, and also differs in the voltage. Some types of computer plugs are specifically used to facilitate the trade in electrical appliances and to provide an ease for the travellers as well as the consumers of these imported electrical goods. The universal serial bus (USB) is the type of computer plug that connects various peripherals of the computer like printer, keyboard and mouse to your computer. This USB has two plugs, one is connected with the computer and the other is connected with the device of USB. A fire wire cable is another type of computer plug that connects the device with the computer. These devices include the audio and video devices. A fire wire has, to some extent, similar functions as of USB. But the fire wire is more efficient and faster and it has the ability to connect the computer with more than one device using the single port.

A power cord is the type of computer plug that has two plugs which are connected with the cord. It connects the computer with the electrical source in which one end of the plug is connected with the computer or laptop and the other end is connected with the electrical outlet. Another type of computer plug is the one which makes you access with internet and helps you to be connected with the networks of other computers. Mostly the network cables used the wires with two identical plugs. One end of plug is connected with the modem and the other end of plug is connected with the network adapter or the network interface card (NIC). These plugs are helpful to enhance the capabilities of the computers and to increase the functioning of the computer.