Types Of Computer Platforms

A computer platform is the set of hardware architecture and the software applications or framework where the application allows the software to run. A computer platform is the very important element in the development and running of the software. Computer operating system is the very important software in computer platforms. They are either hardware or software and are the frameworks that provide the basis for other programs to build. There are various types of computer platforms available. Hardware platform is the types of computer platforms with the physical hardware on which the software is installed. It includes the central processing unit (CPU) in which this software is installed and is responsible for your computer to run in an effective way. Video game consoles and cell phones are the other examples of hardware platforms.

At the beginning, apple and IBM introduced their personal computer for business use. At those times, IBM introduced the disk operating system or the operating system. Operating systems is the other type of computer platforms that is the form of software platform which is loaded in your computer. It enables the computer to communicate with all the other parts of computer. The software programs provide the framework for other programs that you use. In software development, the platform ensures the constant performance of the product while the software is running. The examples include the Linux and windows. Programming languages are installed on the operating system and is also one of the types of the computer platform. Some software’s have the built in software platform that allows the software to be compatible with the two operating systems. An example of this type of software application is the Microsoft windows operating system and the apple Macintosh computer that is installed on personal computer. Windows are introduced by IBM and MacOS by apple.

The other types of computer platforms that are software based include the Linux and Unix based systems, Google chrome, android etc. Google chrome is the type of computer platform that is Linux based operating system and is designed to work on a number of wed applications. Google chrome OS was designed for the purpose of secondary devices like net books and not for the primary desktop PC’s. In software platform, Java is the other type of computer platform which is a computer programming language. Java is the general purpose, class based language that is specifically designed to have the implementation as possible. It is developed for the purpose of one code that runs on one platform does not need to be run on the other platform.

MacOS is the type of computer platform and it is the computer operating system developed by apple to use in its personal oriented operating systems. It has the multi tasking operating system. The other type of computer platforms developed by the IBM was the Microsoft windows for the purpose of providing the graphical user interface. These are the series of windows operating systems and its share dominates the market and is about 90% of all personal computers.