Types Of Computer Parts

Motherboard (indicated with CF, Mainboard, Motherboard) – It is a great circuit on which to install all the other components. Depending on the type of CPU for which they are intended, motherboards are two types – for AMD and Intel processors. Danni motherboards for AMD platform is divided into several types depending on what exactly AMD processors are designed. Motherboards for Intel platform also divided into several types according to Intel processors for which they are intended. You should know that the bottom of Intel’s platform can not put AMD processors back. Chipset plays a very important role in system performance.It is one of the main components integrated on the motherboard. When buying your computer you should pay special attention to this component. The chipset makes the connection between the various components on the motherboard. There are different controllers – Memory Bus and CPU, I / O and more. Motherboard may be ATX and mATH. Accordingly, in most ATX cases have more features (number of slots) because of its larger size. mATH factor designed for smaller boxes (mATX), but it does not hurt to be mounted in a standard ATX case. Almost all motherboards have integrated audio (sound) and network controllers, and some even have an integrated video card. The next part of the computer is the video card. Video Card (indicated with VGA, SVGA, VC, Video adapter, Video card) – converts the information and sends it to the monitor.

These cards have their graphics processors (GPU) and its own memory chips (64MB, 128MB, and 256MB). How good a card is determined mainly by the frequency of the GPU-then, the amount of memory and memory bus (64bit, 128bit, 256bit). The major card brands are NVIDIA and ATI. Video cards are placed in special slots (AGP and PCl-E to newest). AGP slot is 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x. 1x and 2x longer be used due to low levels of data transmission and higher voltages, which work in most cases. Maps for 8x and leave the bottom, supporting up to 4x AGP and vice versa. The difference in speed between 4x and 8x is small and practically not noticeable. In some models motherboards have integrated video controllers. Poor countries such integrated video cards are low productivity and the amount of RAM, which you assign, because they have their own memory and used memory on your computer. Processor (indicated by CPU) – The CPU called ‘brain computer’ because it processes all the information that is different mathematical calculations. Therefore it depends on how good a computer. The two rival companies producing processors are Intel and AMD.

For AMD processors are low-end and Duron a Sempron, and high-Athlon, AMD 64bit. With Intel processors are low-end Celeron, a Pentium 4 from high. Crucial for the speed of a processor is its frequency. Cache (64KB, 128KB, 256KB, and 512KB) is also crucial, but there are processors that are less frequent than others and at the same time more productive. The next part of the computer is cooler. Coolers are a few places in the computer system – CPU, video card in most cases and power supply. We will dwell mainly on the CPU fan. CPU cooler is selected according to the type of processor. It is CPU-cooling has an important role for the stability of the system. CPU cooler consists of two main parts: fan (cooling metal fins) and metal frame (heat consuming CPU) with cooling fins called short radiator. The metal structure of the CPU cooler is made mostly of aluminum or copper alloy. On this radiator fan is attached, which in turn is connected to the mains. Sound card (Sound card) – it generates sound to speakers.

Most motherboards have integrated sound card, which saves buying a separate one. The sound card is a card that is installed in specific slots on the motherboard. Hard drive is a drive that keeps all your information. In fact, this information is recorded on metal plates (discs) located inside the device. As a large hard drive to get rest assured that there will not be enough for you. If your motherboard supports SerialATA (SATA) the best choice will be a SATA hard drive. As best marks emerge Hitachi and Seagate. If you will take a bigger hard drive is desirable with 8MB cache.