Types Of Computer Networks

What are the different types of computer networks? Computer networks are basically interconnected computers. Depending on the needs, there are different types of computer networks that can be used. The most common types of computer networks are the LAN, WAN, MAN, and WLAN, and many others.

The most common types of computer networks are LANs, or local area networks. These are the types of computer networks wherein the computers in a specified closed location are networked with each other. Typically, these types of computer networks showcase computers that are near each other. Therefore, this is the type that is mostly used in homes, classrooms, small office spaces, and the like. The distinguishing feature of the LAN is that they are commonly owned and controlled by a single person or organization.

WAN is a wide area network. This is the second most common types of computer networks. As the name implies, the WAN is a network of computers wherein the computers are found in large distances, physical or not. The most common example of WAN is the internet, as it indeed a connection of computers that span the whole world. The LAN and the WAN are types of computer networks that share the same property of being connected via a router. But there are many differences between the LAN and the WAN. As mentioned above, the LAN is normally owned and controlled by a single individual. The WAN, on the other hand, is not owned by a single person or even an organization, as they are usually owned collectively.

MAN stands for metropolitan area network. These are types of computer networks that are commonly seen in a metro, as the name implies. The area that the MAN covers is larger than what the LAN covers. However, it covers an area that is still smaller than that on a WAN. An example of a MAN is the connection of computers in a certain city. The MAN can be owned by a single entity, not individual, such as large corporations or even government bodies.

A WLAN is a wireless local area network. These are types of computer networks that are much like the LAN, but do not have a physical connection to each other. The traits of the WLAN are basically the same with the LAN. However, the WLAN use WiFi technology to connect the computers together.

Aside from these types of computer networks, there are others that are also commonly used but not recognized. One of these computer network types is the CAN. CAN stands for campus area network. These are computer networks that showcase characteristics of a LAN, but the area of coverage is much bigger. However, the area that is covered by the CAN is still much smaller than that of a MAN. As the name implies, these connection of computers are usually used in campuses or universities. SAN stands for storage area networks. These are networks that connect storage devices of data with each other by a Fibre channel technology. A SAN can also stand for system area network. These are networks that are connected by high speed connections through clusters.