Types Of Computer Network Cables

The earlier period of the 1980s introduced the first computer network cables. The 10Base2, one of the types of computer network cables, otherwise known as the ‘Thin Coaxial’ cable was considered the original type. However, what is common now is the fiber optic type. Basically, the different types of computer network cables are used for connecting computers to network appliances such as hubs, switches and routers. Through the use of computer network cables it is also possible to connect a couple of or even more computers in order for them to share scanner, printer, etc. Network cables are the ones used for connecting a certain computer to a certain cable modem. Category 5 or CAT 5 and CAT 6 are types of computer network cables considered common. Various types of computer network cables’ usage is actually dependent on the network’s size, protocol and topology. It is possible to separate the devices by almost unlimited distances through Internet interconnections or several meters through Ethernet. Below is a list of some types of computer network cables:

Fiber Optic– This is one of the types of computer network cables which is a completely different category. It replaced the usual copper wiring with a plastic or glass transfer medium. Fiber optic is terminated with the use of a certain fiber connector, not the same as the so-called RJ 45 connectors utilized on the twisted pairs. Fiber cables are divided into two, the multi- mode and the single mode.

Cat5e or Cat6 or Cat6e 1000BaseT– This is one of the types of computer network cables which resembles a twisted pair which requires a closer tolerance in the manufacturing process of cables. Cat5e is needed with Cat6. Cat6e cable is an enhanced version of Cat6 cable. Cat6 cable has the maximum distance of 1,800 feet while Cat6e has the maximum distance capacity of 3,300 feet. However, the distances also differ based on the manufacturer’s design.

Cat5, Fast Ethernet 100BaseTX- 100BaseTX is also called as ‘Fast Ethernet.’ This uses Cat5 and has a distance capacity of about 300 feet. The Cat5 cable is manufactured with a quality standard that is more stringent and has the maximum length of 1,000 feet. Another convincing reason to utilize Cat5 is its reusability since it has the capacity to be reused for the upgrading of 100BaseTX to 1000BaseT for instance.

Cat5 10BaseT– A twisted pair, this cable type replaced the coaxial cable.Cat5 cable has wires consisting of four pairs that are terminated with the so-called RJ 45 connector. This network cable has the total distance of about 300 feet.

Coaxial 10Base2-As one of the types of computer network cables, Coaxial is considered to be the original which is also considered to be quite obsolete. This cable has a coaxial wiring (RG-58A/U) and it is terminated with the use of the so-called BNC connector. Each cable segment was attached to the network with the use of the so-called BNC T connector and it needed a terminator which is 50 ohm at the cable end. Its distance capacity is about 600 feet.