Types Of Computer Mouse

What are the types of computer mouse? There are various types of computer mouse which have been as a result of the advancing technology with the desire to get the most efficient and reliable computer mice. The history of different types of computer mouse can be traced back to the invention of the first type of mouse – the mechanical mouse. The principle of operation of this mouse is based on the x and y axes. As the mouse is moved, a rolling rubber ball moves depending on the desired direction. These types of computer mouse have sensors which detect the movement of the ball and transmit this to the computer where it’s seen as the cursor movement on the computer screen.

Although these types of computer mouse formed a basis for the manufacture of the modern mouse, it had quite a number of short comings. To begin with, it could only be used on a flat surface which really limited the users. Secondly, the rolling rubber ball collects a lot of dust as it rolls on the surface. This made scientist to think of a better alternative and an optical mouse was thus invented.

Optical mice are those types of computer mouse which have gained popularity since they can be used on any surface; they have a relatively better precision as compared to the mechanical mice, cheap and a reduced wear and tear. These types of computer mouse have optoelectronic sensor. Even though its working principle is still based on the x and y axes, the optical mouse captures images as the mouse is moved, transfers the movement to a digital signal processing unit which is then translated to movements. The screen movement of the curser while using these types of computer mouse is always very smooth.

Other types of computer mouse are the laser mice. It has replaced the optical mice. They are mostly produced for a specified market due to higher precision. These types of computer mouse are suitable for computer graphics. Its accuracy has been improved by the infrared (IR) laser diode which has the ability to capture images at distance. These images are again are translated to movements based on the x and y plane which are translated to curser movement in the computer screen.

It is worth noting at this point that from the three generation of different types of computer mouse, precision and flexibility is given highest priority. Comparing the mechanical mouse and the laser mouse it is evident that the rolling ball has been replaced with the IR laser diode which ensures accuracy. In fact, the mechanical are becoming extinct.

Blue Track mice were introduced in 2008 by Microsoft. This type of computer mouse uses a more advanced technology. It employs both the blue beam a high angle imaging optics. This is the most recent type of mouse I the market as it’s more effective and very efficient with highest possible precision. It can be used on quite a number of surfaces including glass.

Other than focusing on the modifications that has been made on the mouse itself, the mechanisms through which the mouse is connected to the computer is very important when classifying different types of computer mouse. Most mice use the USB with the most recent going the wireless way.