Types Of Computer Monitors

What are the different types of computer monitors? A computer monitor is the display unit of the computer. It is an output unit to show us the visual output of the computer. Our workspace is also displayed on the monitor. There are three parts of the monitor, a display device, an enclosure and the circuitry. The device to be displayed can be made of various elements, it can be CRT based or LCD based. The range of display varies from 16:9 to 4:3 inches. There are many different types of computer monitors and these are classified according to the features.


The different types of computer monitors can be classified according to their technologies, their size and their features.


Multiple technologies are used for making monitors, the most famous types of computer monitors are cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display, and organic light-emitting diode. The cathode ray tube is the most common and earliest types of computer monitors. The first computers used CRT. The monitors were monochrome for a long time around the 90’s polychromatic monitors came into the market. These types of computer monitors had a resolution of 320 by 200 pixels later it advanced to 600 by 300 pixels. This type of computer monitors, that is the CRT monitors are widely used because it has a 80 degree viewing angle. These are widely used in offices and home. Then came into the market liquid crystal display (LCD), these types of computer monitors had become the most popular monitors. It is almost seen everywhere these days. The first LCD monitors were provided with laptops then it became popular even with PC. Then came the organic light-emitting diode. These are the latest models, it has been introduced in 201. Very expensive but having very good resolutions.


The size of the computer monitor has a variety of ranges. Three things are measured for the size of the monitor the size of the monitor, the aspect ratio and the resolution. According to them the types of computer monitors can change.


When a person is looking for a mentor he/she will be looking for some specific feature according to their needs. There are different companies which give different features thus classification can be done on the types of computer monitors according to their performance and features.

The monitor’s performance can be decided upon the following criterias:

• Luminance

• The ratio of the aspect i.e. the vertical and horizontal length ratios

• Display resolution shows the unique pixels in every dimension.

• The distance amongst the sub pixels which are of the same color is called the Dot pitch

• The illuminated display in every second is called the Refresh rate

• The time taken back by a pixel to go from a responsive(white) to unresponsive( black) and then to responsive(white) again is called Response time.

• The ratio of the brightest color with respect to the lowest brightest color is called the Contrast ratio.

• Consumption of power which is measured in Watt.

• Delta-E: Used for accurateness of color that is calculated in delta-E.

• The maximum angle from which the monitor can be viewed without distorting the image quality is known as the Viewing angle.

These are the different types of computer monitors that are available in the market. The CRT monitors are the cheapest and the LED monitors are the most expensive and latest types of computer monitors.