Types Of Computer Monitor Cables

Computer monitors are devices that are used to display the output of the computer data. It has a simple screen and it shows what is processed in the computer memory. To present this data from a CPU to the monitor screen, it is required to connect the computer monitor with the CPU. To connect the two devices different types of computer monitor cables are used.

As the technology is upgrading day by day these cables and adapters are also upgrading day by day. The number and types of computer monitor cables are available in the market. If you are using older computers the cables styles are different in them. New cables have different styles and their designing is also different from the old cables. If you want to upgrade these cables first time you may not have an idea about these cables. Here are some computer monitor cables that are used worldwide.

HD 15 cables, S-Video, DVI, HDMI and DFP are the types of computer monitor cables that are mostly used by a large number of computer users. HD 15 is the computer cables generally famous with the name of VGA cables. These cables are used to send video data from one device to the other. Analog formats of the videos are transmitted through these HD 15 cables. Users cannot send audio data or any digital data through these cables. S-video cables are also the types of the computer monitor cables. These are similar to the HD cables in transmitting an analog video but the data is transmitted in two signals. Two signals that are used in the cables are lumen and chroma. It is easier to send data into broken signals through these cables instead of sending one whole signal.

If you want to transmit both analog and digital videos through a cable then DVI cables are the one of the types of computer monitor cables. These are digital visual interfaces that can transmit digital videos up to a large resolution of 1900* 1200. This range can even further increase if using high quality DVI cables. As most of the data is now available in digital format it is a wise choice to use these cables to transmit video. Resolution of signals depends on the links you are using. If single link is used then resolution is lower as compared to the links that are Dual.

High definition cables are the types of computer monitor cables that are providing an HD multimedia interface that supports both analog and digital videos on its interface. These are high performance cables and are famous due to this reason. One of the lower quality cables of the computer monitor cables is the DFP cables. These are not famous due to the low resolution and the low adoption rate. These are digital flat panel cables and these were the competitors for transmitting the DVI formats. Users can choose any of these cables to send analog or digital signals.