Types Of Computer Mice

In the early period of the 1960s, the computer mice were developed. Douglas Engelbart from Stanford University created the first computer mice. A decade after the computer mice were developed, they were commonly used. Although basically the typical user may only use one or two types of computer mice, the different types of computer mice designed for different needs are rapidly increasing in number. From 3D modeling, advanced photo and video editing, and video gaming, various types of computer mice such as those designed for gaming with customizable buttons, come in wide range of purposes such as for portability as in the case of laptops, for flexibility or accuracy. As the technology advances much more sophisticated and precise mice have evolved. The various types of computer mice include the original mechanical computer mouse, gaming computer mouse, trackball, touchpad, etc. Here is a list of the several types of computer mice which have been relatively used by all computer users to suit their needs.

Touchpad– This is one of the types of computer mice which are commonly attached to the laptops as a space- saver and for the purpose of portability and being compact. The standard touchpad normally has a certain pad that is touch-sensitive and with two buttons similar to the two buttons attached to the mouse.

Trackball– The types of computer mice include the trackball. This is typically utilized as an ‘upside-down’ mouse. To use this type, the enlarged ball is rotated by the computer user and there are sensors which track the ball.

Gaming Computer Mouse– One of the types of computer mice is the gaming computer mouse. As its name implies, it is especially designed for gaming purposes. With its weight that varies and at times customized buttons, this mouse can offer both the most flexibility and most features, at an expensive price tag.

Optical Computer Mouse– Optical mouse is one of the types of computer mice which provides much greater precision compared to optomechanical and mechanical ones. In this mouse, there is no need to use a ball since a laser is used to track movements of the mouse related to the surfaces passed over by it.

Optomechanical Computer Mouse– Various types of computer mice include optomechanical computer mouse which is similar to a mechanical mouse in terms of its operation in which a ball is used for mapping movement. However, they differ in the sense that in order to track the motion of the ball, optical sensors are used by the optomechanical mouses.

Mechanical Computer Mouse– This is one of the types of the computer mice which is considered the original. Mechanical sensors are used for determining the ball’s movement in 360 degrees. This offers the least accuracy and requires frequent cleaning.

3D Mouse-3D mouse is also another mouse type which is also called as a ‘wand.’ The Nintendo Wii popularized the use of 3D mouse. The 3D mouse operates through a device that is motion