Types Of Computer Memory Chips

Learn about Types Of Computer Memory Chips. Computer memory chips are basically dilute and semi-conducting wafers comprising of circuitry that is used in running majority of the advanced computer devices. These memory chips vary in size from petite processors that normally run smart phones to bigger components, which are considered to be the building block of any personal computer. There are many different types of computer memory chips. The computer memory chips are made up of certain semi-conducting material having the ability to transport electricity between the insulators as well as the metallic conductors. The most commonly used material for this purpose is of silicon which is considered to be an excellent semi-conductor.

The computer chips are helpful in performing a large variety of functions such as storing data and running several programs successfully. There are many types of computer memory chips which are designed differently and carry their own characteristics. In present times, the type of computer memory chip named as RAM or random access memory is quite common and its main function is to store the temporary data. The most common type of RAM is considered to be dynamic RAM chip, whereas others include flash, EPROM, and EEPROM. These types of computer memory chips are capable of storing various data as long as the computer is on and power is being received by the chip. However, in order to get enhanced performance of the memory, some of the computers feature almost eight RAM chips.

In laptop computers, cameras and various other devices are integrated into the design and the type of computer memory chip used is named as ASICs. In addition, the computers boasting a high speed modem are often furnished with digital signal processor that is able to change the analog signals to digital signals. Digital signal processor or DSP is also very helpful in amending the quality of the entering signals. Typically, the computer memory chips are available in three basic styles such as single-inline packages, pin-grid arrays, and dual-inline packages. On the other hand, the memory chips are also available in the form of a single in-line memory module, which normally consists of almost nine chips squeezed in a single unit.

Another type of computer memory chips used widely is of customized computer chips that are quite useful in functioning various user electronic devices. The type of computer chips named as micro-processors are considered to be the brain of computers comprising of a central processing unit along with programmable memory. Besides computers, the micro-processors are also used in several other devices. The PROM is the type of computer memory chip in which a program can be stored, but they are non-volatile and once used, they can’t be wiped. EEPROM is actually a particular type of PROM which can be removed easily with the help of displaying it to any electrical charge.

The internal memory or storage varies in different computers and are commonly referred as RAM or main memory. This can be simply thought to be an align of boxes, each one of which carry certain information and a computer having only one megabyte of memory can actually store almost one million byte of various information.