Types Of Computer Maintenance

The computer maintenance is quite necessary and should not be neglected by the regular users of computers. The more the computer is used, the more it needs to be maintained. The computer requires both internal as well as external maintenance and different types of computer maintenance helps to run it in a smooth way. Normally, the internal maintenance of the computer involves the removing of extra programs, deleting unwanted files, and the reorganization of various files in a proper way. On the other hand, the external maintenance of a computer involves the detailed dusting of the computer parts such as screen and keyboard. Moreover, the maintenance of hardware is also included in the external maintenance of a computer.

Disk maintenance is the type of computer maintenance which helps to reduce the risks of data loss and also enhance the reliability as well as sped of the data access. In order to check errors and to organize various files, a disk scanning program and a defragmenter can be used. A system backup is a type of computer maintenance which helps in the proper functioning of a computer. One can easily back up the data manually with the help of simply choosing folders and files and then burning them to a CD or DVD. In addition, certain programs such as DT utilities PC backup or Norton Ghost can also be used help the procedure of data back-up.

The removal of various unwanted files and unused applications is also a type of computer maintenance. In the same way, the computer should be checked regularly for viruses in order to maintain it. There are several virus scanning applications that can be used of this purpose and all the incoming data can be checked easily for viruses. The most commonly used packages for virus scanning includes Norton anti-virus, Kaspersky anti-virus, AVG anti-virus, and McAfee etc. Another type of computer maintenance tool that proves to be quite helpful in keeping the computers in the top shape is of registry clean-up tool. The main aim of this tool is to streamline the registry and free it from all kinds of unwanted items. The registry clean-up is very effective in increasing the overall speed of the computer and keeps it working in a proper way.

Another type of computer maintenance is to upgrade the memory which is a very easy process. The only thing you have to do is to simply purchase an old piece of memory and cling it into your computer. Like internal maintenance, the external cleaning and maintenance is quite necessary in order to run a computer efficiently. Dust is one of the main causes to overheating a computer, which in some cases can result in the serious damage of various parts of the computer. For a thorough cleaning, the computer case should be opened safely; however do this only if you think you can manage it. In addition, the windows XP should be made faster and the software maintenance is also quite necessary.