Types Of Computer Keyboards

Computer keyboards build the connection between you and the computer you are using. They are exactly the gateway for allowing the user to gain access to the Internet not only that but also to write documents needed in business, school and for personal reasons. The computer keyboard’s capability, style and model are the determinants for its economic value. The keyboard should match the operating system of the computer and should fit the user’s hands for easy typing. To find a good match is not difficult since there are various types of computer keyboards available on the market today.

Multi-Functional Types– These are among the various types of computer keyboards that come in many choices such as the programmable consisting of 130 keys, compact, cordless, multiple language, large print keyboards. The LCD video panel is set inside the keyboard’s center. They come in slim and compact sizes as well. With the use of multi-functional keyboards, controlling two computers or more is possible. Some keyboards have video systems that make watching a video while you are typing possible. This keyboard types as its name implies can allow you to perform various functions just by clicking a button. Those in slim or compact sizes are quite portable.

Standard Types-The various types of computer keyboards include the standard type which has standard formations such as the AZERTY or QWERTY located on the left side at the top of the keyboard. The use of the standard type is sufficient for composing and sending emails, surfing the Internet, creating spreadsheets, and typewriting documents. The US standard types have either 104 or 101 keys which actually depend whether they include Windows keys. International standard types have 105 or 102keys since a symbol key is added. Standard types contain alphabet as well as numeric keys and additional keys such as Esc (Escape), Pause-Break, Arrow, Scroll-Lock as well as some functional keys. Functional keys can perform functions that include delete, insert, caps lock and tab. The latest standard keyboards include shortcut keys for the Internet such as checking you email just by clicking a button, power off and on the Internet, and save your favored websites. The standard types are among the various types of computer keyboards that are easy to operate without a wide technological knowledge since these types are similar to a typical typewriter keyboard.

Flexible Types– These types are among the various types of computer keyboards that are made of plastic which can easily be folded or rolled up for easy transport. Some types are waterproof and thus, they can withstand complete immersion without being destroyed.

Wireless Types– The wireless types are among the different types of computer keyboards which in a way work like a wireless telephone which can mean moving freely around your room while working since these types are not attached from your desktop. Keyboard cords are typically short thus the way you might arrange the computer furniture you have is limited. With the use of a wireless keyboard, you have endless possibilities for your arrangement.

Compact types– These are among the different types of computer keyboards present in laptops. With these types which are compact and smaller, the Windows keys and the number pad are eliminated for saving space.