Types Of Computer Input Devices

What are the types of computer input devices? There are a wide range of different types of computer input devices depending on the task the input device is to perform. Input devices are the only way through which computer users can effectively interact with the computer system. Types of computer input devices is a general term referring to all peripherals used to provide both data and control signals to a computer system. The choice of any input devices should be based on efficiency, effectiveness besides being pocket friendly. For example the keyboards;

Keyboards are essential types of computer input devices used to key in data into the computer system. There are quite a number of keyboards depending on how the buttons are arranged or how it’s connected to the computer system. With regard to how they are connected to the computer system we can talk about the USB and of course the most recent technology; the wire keyboards.

The three common types of key board include the QWERTY which is the standard keyboard, azerty which is a modified form of the QWERTY keyboard and the Dvorak which has been modified to ensure efficiency in while typing.

Mice are other types of computer input devices which are very helpful in execution of various commands by the computer user. They include the mechanical mouse, optical mouse, laser mouse and the most recent blue track mice. Computer mice have also changed ever since due to the advancement in technology and the need for better precision especially for graphic design.

Image data can only be transferred to a computer through the video input devices which are also essential computer input devices. These include the scanners, bar code readers, digital cameras etc. These types of computer input devices are very useful in both picture editing and movie editing amongst other photograph related products.

Audio Input Devices are important types of computer input devices. These include the digital instruments, microphone among others. Their main aim is to provide sound to computers. Devices such as microphones play a very significant role in music production industry.

The above types of computer input devices can be classified in various categories. This includes:

• The nature of the input signal to the computer. Whether the input signal is audio, visual etc.

• If the input signal is discrete or continuous

• The flexibility of the input device. This explains how best the input can move about, whether in the x – y plane like

the mechanical mouse or it can achieve a three dimensional movement. These types of devices can be used as pointing devices.

With the advancement in technology, most computer input devices aren’t connected directly tom the computer systems. These include the wireless keyboards and wireless mice.

The last category of types of computer input devices are the composite input devices. Composite devices are the computer input devices which have more than two types of inputs. They include the game pad, game controller etc.

All these type of computer input devices are all referred to as computer terminals. These terminals can either be dumb (enter date without processing), smart (has the ability to perform some necessary editing before sending data into the computer) or intelligent (they have both full processing and communication ability)