Types Of Computer Infections

Talking bout Types Of Computer Infections. There are various kinds of problems that can be caused due to different types of computer infections, viruses, and malwares. The computer infections can be chiefly divided into four main classes as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and E-mail viruses. Viruses are the types of computer infections that attach themselves to various programs in the computer without altering data. One of the examples of such virus is that attached to the windows explorer. This virus will be executed every time you run the programs window explorer. Worms are the types of computer infection that are quite similar to that of virus and are a tiny piece of software. Nevertheless, instead of depending to any external program, the worms run themselves over the computer networks.

The worm is the type of computer infection that actually scans the network forms the host computer, unless it encounters another computer to be attached with. This procedure is then continued in order to replicate as this type of computer infection runs by itself and have devastating impacts. One of such worms is of Mydoom worm that has been estimated to infect more than quarter million computers in just one day. Another type of computer infection is of Trojan Horses which is basically a computer program claiming to be one thing, but is actually another one. For instance, these types of computer infections infection can be received in the disguise of an image but as soon as they are opened, they will do damage.

In addition, the Trojan infections are considered to be very deceptive and are used generally for information theft, data theft, identity theft, and as a spam program. Moreover, the chief objective of this computer infection is to make your computers useless, checking individual computers in a file sharing network, and recording keyboard activity etc. E-mail viruses are considered to be the common type of computer infections which are disseminated through the email messages. Formerly, these viruses infect the computer and then they continuously replicate themselves by mailing mechanically to everyone in the email address of the victim. Majority of the email viruses had hastened through the internet connection such as the I LOVE YOU virus and the Melissa virus.

Rogue security software is the type of computer infection that that misleads the users in various ways. In the past few years, these types of computer infections have become quite popular and are considered to be a serious threat regarding the desktop computing. Spyware are also types of computer infections which are actually installed in the computers and then gather information about the users without their knowledge. This infection remains hidden from the user and also affects the computer settings, speed, loss of internet, different home pages, and changes the functionality of several other programs as well. In addition, different kinds of personal information such as internet surfing habits, the most visited sites, and can also interpose with the control of the user in many other ways.