Types Of Computer Games

What are the different types of computer games? Are you the type of person who just loves to play games on the computer? Whatever type of computer game you like, you are sure to be entertained and not only that but also learn stuff as well while playing since these computer games are especially designed to do just that. Computer games are indeed fun to play.

The types of computer games are categorized as follows:

Educational Games– This is one of the types of computer games where the players are taught some subjects. The goal of this type is to incorporate fun in learning a certain topic, make the game interactive and try to engage the player learning in the subject. These educational games are prepared for science, math and ICT. Usually, the format is in a multiple choice questions type which is marked automatically.

Simulations– This is one of the types of computer games which simulates the control of “real world” vehicles such as aircraft, tanks, or cars. This way the player is able to learn how to operate the vehicles and such games can also be utilized to train professionals on how to control a machinery. Aircraft companies especially have “airplane simulators” used to train their pilots prior to maneuvering the aircrafts in the “real world.”

Sports Games-This is one of the types of computer games which simulates sports in the “real world” such as baseball, basketball, and soccer. Such games mimick the actions of “categories key players” and “professional sports stars” in the game utilizing the various skill levels. These games are played in “a series” as well.

Combat Games– This is one of the types of computer games which involves two players fighting up close on a one on one basis. Speedy reflexes are required and the player should be able to control a certain character to finish a series of “fighting movements.”

Puzzle Games-These types of computer games are about solving puzzles that are complex. Puzzle games require skills in logical thinking and usually use time as a basis to add challenge to the games. The actions of the players required in these games are simple and the players usually deal with shapes which are colored. The main goal of these games is to let the player find a way for the puzzle to be solved.

Adventure Games– These games are usually one-player games with an adventure and a fantasy setting which involves the completion of the puzzle. Such adventure games usually have rescue missions or objectives to finish the adventure.

Role Playing Games– These games are also referred to as RPG games. These games have a fantasy setting in which the player is made to act out the main character’s role and to make decisions which are based on game’s story line. RPG games often set up a master who serves as the main character’s guide on his journey in the game. There is some kind of a narration which is provided to guide the main character as well.

Action Games-These games are usually fast and better reflexes are required. There are challenges involved in a these games which are to be completed. Challenges include fighting an opponent and usually the player is represented in a certain character which can be recognized.