Types Of Computer Frauds

Learn about Types Of Computer Frauds. Utilizing information technology in order to commit fraud is computer fraud. Computer fraud is growing fast and evolving as well every day. The methods utilized to commit fraud vary frequently depending on the availability of the technology. A person commits fraud with a computer in several ways. The types of computer frauds include identity theft, phishing, identity fraud, sales fraud on the Internet, computer data tampering or computer software manipulation.

Identity Theft– This is one of the types of computer frauds which the computer user’s information like address, date of birth, credit card or bank numbers, name or Social Security number are used by someone through the use of false pretenses. This occurs in several ways like if the computer user is being tricked by someone into providing information about his credit card numbers or password through entering such information into an email or website and then catches this user’s information for his personal use. This is quite possible by tricking the user into believing that he is giving such information to a certain company he trusts and knows; however, the user’s information is then used by someone to benefit from it like obtaining products for himself by using the user’s credit card.

Phishing– Phishing is one of the types of computer frauds which targets the account of the computer user. What occurs here is that a group or an individual send or sends fictitious emails informing the computer user that his account is being compromised that he should verify his account at once. This then prompts the computer user to go and click on certain links, provide his credit card or bank information, some of his personal information relevant to the account and then furnish such information to ascertain he is the real holder of the account. With this the computer user has just been tricked into sending the thief all his personal information and account for the thief to use it to his own advantage.

Identity Fraud– When a certain person commits identity fraud which is one of the types of computer frauds, he assumes a different identity for the computer user to trust him. For instance, he may pretend like someone else such as a refugee or a citizen of a certain country like Nigeria who wants to be freed from the dangers of his country for the purpose of making the computer user feel some sympathy for him. The computer user then is made to believe and sends money to the thief when the thief could be in another country.

Sales Fraud on the Internet– This is one of the types of computer frauds which a certain person convinces the computer user to send some payment for some product he ordered online but the product never arrives. This certain person for instance creates an online auction or a website featuring some items or products for sale but in the end reaching this certain person is impossible.

Malicious Software-In this type, malicious software is utilized for controlling computer processes and accessing or hacking computer files such as the computer user’s personal information, banking information, emails as well as sites for social networking.