Types Of Computer Files

Types of computer files, what they are, in fact, those files? What is their internal structure? They are programs that can read them? With what program open such file?

Normally, if we have in the computer a a lot of programs able to read a certain type of file, then that file will have a certain icon, or program specific.

There are types of computer files that cannot be read by any program, have some type of standard icon.

Some types of computer files are:

.rar .zip .ace

These types of extension is quite common and mean that these files are compressed into an archive. This is just a way of making the files more compact and easier to download.

To open any of those archives you can use WinRAR (Make sure is the latest version) or the most flexible, PowerArchiver. If you work with files. Zip, you can try and WinZip. Also, with an. Ace or .001, try WinAce.

These types of computer files are, in general, with comic book magazines in an archive format. This means that in the .CBR/ .cbz is a collection of .jpegs (usually scans of each of a comic book), gathered in an archive .rar or .zip. This archive is then renamed to .cbr / .cbz to you . associate that file type with your reader of comics (as Ffview or CDisplay). If you find a corrupted archive, you can rename the original type and you can:

a) attempt to fix the error .

b) unzip the archive to see where the error occurred.

Txt .doc

Basic text files. First, .txt can be opened with Notepad or any other text editor you have . Document FILES (.doc) are, in general, can be open with Microsoft Word, but there are open-source alternatives such as Open Office and NeoOffice.


Nfo files (or info) shall contain the information about folders you just downloaded. They are always included with scene releases and it is HIGHLY recommended that you read them. Despite what Windows is trying to say, they are not System Files but rather plain text files, often with ASCII. You can open them with Notepad, WordPad, DAMN NFO Viewer or Ultra Edit text editor which is handy.


These types of files are popular in section E-Books and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from there or buy Professional version of the program.

.jpg .gif .tiff .tga .psd

This type of computer files contain pictures, and can be opened with any viewer is. Last, Psd is especially associated with Adobe Photoshop.. but there are other programs that can open them (eg Gimp)


These files check to make sure that your multi-volume archives are complete. This just lets you know if you’ve downloaded something complete or not (something that is not a problem when downloading via Bit Torrent). You can open / activate these files with SFVChecker (Trial version) or hkSFV. They are generally included in most.

All of these types of computer files are very important for many of us, without them we cannot do many things.