Types Of Computer Drives

Learn about Types Of Computer Drives. The term drives is defined from huge number of drives. Any kind of drive on your computer is a non volatile memory stick that can hold the data for a long period of time until disturbed. It is totally opposite to RAM in which memory gets evaporated once the system is switched off. We can say that drives are non volatile memory storage systems and on the contrary RAM is volatile memory system. Reading and writing any kind of data on different types of computer drives is slow as compared to the RAM.

Types of computer drives differ from each other. They all have their own distinct functions and tasks. We will describe here main computer drives that could help you to have a basic idea.

Hard disk drive is among types of computer drives that stores data with the help of rotating discs attached with a magnetic material. It is able to keep the data preserve even when the system is not on any kind of power. Data is stored in the form of random access which means that you can regain the data blocks on individual basis. This device was introduced by the IBM for the first time in 1956. The main work of hard disk is to store the data with a good speed. Free memory should always be available on the hard disk drive so that your system can work in best way.

The types of computer drives also counts CD drive or blue ray in its race. CD ROM is pre-pressed disc which contains the data. They have data and computers could only read them. It is unable for the computer system to write any kind of new data on them. You can find the rewritable CDs from the market. These CDs can be rewritten with the help of computer drives. These kinds of storage devices can be bought from the market on already fixed basis.

DVD burner is also among types of computer drives. It is the kind of device that is used to burn any kind of data on a given CD. Burner is enough to make any kind of movie on your hard disk with high quality. DVD burners can burn DVDs only and they are inexpensive in price. The burner for DVDs has been expensive in past but due to high demands their price is demanding.

Solid State drive is along a high quality computer drive. It is used to store the data persistently for a longer period of time. They have no moving mechanical components and used for making the things right. It is based on providing the right kind of solution for you so that you could get the best chance. Most of these types of computer drives use NAND based flash memory so that you could get the right thing for you. They are counted among one of the latest and innovative thing. Hybrid drives are the one that combines feature of SSD and HDD.