Types Of Computer Devices

What are types of Types Of Computer Devices? Computers are widely used today around the world. As technology advances and so are the computers. What is so amazing about these machines is that they are now so advanced that in every second they can perform a tremendous number of calculations. Nevertheless, they are not complete without a variety of devices.

Output Devices– The types of computer devices include the output devices. These are considered the parts of a computer to which the computer processes are received then displayed or presented. Speakers, printers and display monitors (CRT or LCD), headsets, and CD-ROM or DVD are examples of output devices that are quite distinct from the input devices.

Input Devices– These are one of the types of computer devices which are considered to be parts of a computer where the instructions to the computer are coming from. The role of these devices is to send a certain data into the computer. The former input devices were the punch cards and today the so –called keyboards. There are several examples of input devices which include the web cams, mice and digital cameras.

Communications Devices– The types of computer devices also include the communications devices. Communications devices have several types which may provide services that are more specialized or various processes of arriving at the same functions. For instance, several processes to communicate are provided by most computers with the use of Internet while some communications devices possess multiple roles that give them access to also interact with some computers. Some examples of communications devices include the telephone port, Ethernet port, bluetooth, and wireless.

Computer Storage Devices-These are one of the types of computer devices which are considered as additions to the internal hard drives installed in every computer. These storage devices include online storage sites, re-writable DVDs and CDs, smart cards, external hard drives, and flash drives.

Memory Devices- The types of computer devices include the memory devices which are used to store information or data. In a certain degree all computers make use of the memory devices. These devices include the RAM and SAM.

Peripheral Devices– These are one of the types of computer devices which are basically necessary to a computer. These are usually added to the computer. Although only a certain number are significant to the computer’s functionality, there are actually dozens of peripheral devices available on the market. These devices include the speakers, webcams, scanners or printers, keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Pointing Input Devices– These are one of the types of computer devices that refer to any type of computer peripheral that is used for controlling the cursor displayed on the screen. Various types of pointing input devices provide various degrees of convenience, ergonomics and precision. Some are specially designed for performing special tasks on the machine. Most designs can be used with notebook computers or desktops; however, with small computers like tablets only specific types of pointing input devices are compatible. These types of input devices include the control stick or joystick, touch screen, graphics tablet, touchpad, trackball and mouse.